Authentic Hatha Yoga

Authentic Hatha Yoga at About Balance Brighton

This is a deeply meditative hatha yoga, integrating physical asanas and pranayama with meditation and yogic philosophy.

We practice with our eyes closed to allow ourselves to go inside rather than being distracted by the external world. Holding the asanas for a longer period of time allows the long-term stored emotions to be released from the connective tissue.

Sinking into a meditative state in each asana helps us to calm the monkey mind and be able to become aware of what is happening within. Combining knowledge about the chakras (energetic centres in our body with specific characteristics), mindfulness (bringing the mind constantly to here and now) and the therapeutic and healing benefits of each technique, creates a unique and powerful practice for beginners and experienced yogis alike.


Jitka Andrlova

Saturdays 10:30am – 12:00pm

£11 or £7 with a karma card

Contact: 07886 010905,

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