Ann Mathie at About Balance Brighton

Ann Mathie

Yoga and meditation

Thursdays 11.15-12.15

£8 or £5 with a karma card

Contact: 07982809225, Annmathie.com, annpman@yahoo.co.uk


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Ann is attentive to teaching postures which support longevity in practice as well as greater well-being. She has experience with teaching students with long term injuries as well as advanced practitioners providing appropriate support to build strength, stability and flexibility. She gives clear, detailed instructions for deeper meditative absorption to cultivate wholesome attitudes towards the self and others.
Ann has been practicing yoga and meditation for the past 20 years, exploring practices in the Tantric, Yogic and Buddhist field. She has completed a 500hr teacher training with Vajrasati Yoga and continues to explore and study all aspects of asana, pranayama, mudra, mantra and meditation in a traditional and modern context. She has also completed her Masters in the Traditions of Yoga and Meditation at London University, SOAS where she was taught by leading scholars in the fields of Buddhism and Yoga. As a practitioner, a researcher and a school teacher she is able to bring Buddhist and Yogic philosophy into practical application through postures and meditative practices with heart and gentle encouragement.

Anne is an incredibly proficient and accessible Yoga teacher. With her authentic enquiry and experience into what is Yoga and her thorough research via both physical practice and study Annes classes will leave you feeling more present and more inspired to continue your own Yoga exploration. The way she relates modern Yoga back to ancient texts really brings to life this art form. Students have fed back with great enthusiasm how they felt gently and compassionately guided to meet their bodies and selves with Annes supportive guidance.
– Daisy Booth, Yoga Teacher, Nutritionist & Health Retreat Manager

Ann is my favourite yoga teacher. The way she seamlessly weaves her knowledge of the body into the meditation and clearly explains each yoga pose is a delight. She is professional , approachable and good fun too! I would recommend her anytime.
– Valerie Titli