Anna-Lisa Drew

Anna-Lisa Drew

Tao Training Monday 19.30-11am

Classes: £11 or £7 with a Karma Card

Contact: 07957 736595,

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Tao Training

Through meridian stretching, shaking, tapping, holding postures and meditation we work with Taoist principles to develop optimum energy flow through the body and come to a state of peace and relaxation. Benefits include; better sleep patterns, cleansed and improved gut health, more flexibility, vitality and resilience, balanced emotions and clarity of mind. Suitable for all ages and abilities.

About Anna-Lisa

I trained as a Tao Master within a South Korean Sun Do form 13 years ago. I have run a wide variety of these classes, trainings and workshops for adults and children in private centres and schools since then, as well as for my own personal practice and training. I use my learning and practices daily and have found incredibly simple yet powerful ways to transform my health. I have used these tools to navigate various personal emotional, health and life challenges more smoothly and peacefully.  My intention is to guide these classes sincerely and with lightness, warmth and a little fun! I’m really looking forward to sharing these practices with you and supporting your journey into a healthier and more joyful life experience.


I totally love Anna-Lisa’s classes. They’re like nothing else I’ve ever tried but way better! I feel I’ve learnt some great practices which I’m inspired to carry on doing at home and I love that it’s all done to music as it instantly feels uplifting! Anna-Lisa has such great energy and has created such a warm, calm, welcoming space – it’s such a joy to take part each week. I feel so much calmer after every session – however chaotic or stressed I might be feeling, I know I’ll come out feeling totally serene. I’d go to a class every day if I could !! Jude Mansley



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