Brighton Advaita Sangha at About Balance

A community gathering to explore and relate to – and be in – the Reality of Oneness – with words, sharing and meditation. Exploring and resting in the state of Being that is the Mystic Heart of all religions and traditions, yet stands and shines independent of all of them. Universal Spirituality. Authentic. Real. Life! Meaning! The NonDual Essence and the dual experience of Life Itself! Our True Nature.

This group can provide spiritual sustenance for us all. I’ve got many ideas. So have you. We create it together.

Universal Spirituality. Authentic. Real. The NonDual and the dual.

For more info visit meetup.com/Brighton-Advaita-Sangha or join the Facebook group.

Brighton Advaita Sangha

Brighton Advaita Sangha


















Nathan Godolphin at About Balance Brighton

Nathan Godolphin

Saturdays 6:30-7:45pm

£5 per person

Contact: meetup.com/Brighton-Advaita-Sangha

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