Dragon AcupunctureDragon Acupuncture at About Balance Brighton

Dragon 2.0 Community Clinic 

Founded in 2003, Dragon Acupuncture was the first independent multi-bed clinic in the UK. We established the clinic using the traditional Chinese hospital model of treatment: many patients being treated alongside one another in the same collective space. In the wake of volunteering up at the Grenfell Tower disaster we are offering the service we worked with in group settings after the fire . 

The emphasis of group treatments is emotional support and simple but powerful treatment and may not be suitable for you.  if you have a more complex issue or need one to one dialogue with a practitioner. We will indicate if we feel one to one treatment is more appropriate. 

Please attend with clothing that allows access to point on the thigh and upper arm. A baggy t-shirt & baggy shorts would be ideal. facilities are available to change when you are here. 

There will be no private consultation space and different acupuncturists will be available at different times. Treatment will occur wholly in a group setting.

Please can you have eaten before you attend these clinics. 


Calum Thomson, who runs Dragon Acupuncture, also is teacher for the Neigong classes Wednesdays 12-1pm.



Dragon Acupuncture

Treatments cost a basic rate of £10 per session. If you wish to support the project and can afford any more than the £10 base rate, please give a donation. With a Karma card, the 5th treatment is free. 

Wednesdays and Fridays 9.30 – 11.30am Book before.

Tuesdays 5.00 – 8.30pm.  Book before.

Every treatment is individual, but usually takes between 40 min – 45 min. 

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