Dynamic Nurture Flow Yoga

Dynamic Nurture Flow YogaDynamic Nurture Flow Yoga at About Balance Brighton


Mixed level class with a focus on activating, cleansing, and harmonizing all layers of the energetic body through the physical practice of yoga.

This is an intention setting focused class, where dynamic yoga postures are used to clear resistance and align with the most auspicious expression of what we desire. May our own joy, delight, peace, vitality & love for all that is, be amplified all around us so others benefit too.

This class suits athletes who want to improve flexibility and move through psychological blocks, women who are intending to conceive or have given birth and wish to reclaim their bodies and alignment, and anyone over the age of 16 who has the intention to discover what is beyond the ordinary.

Leslie Sloane’s Auracle healing portal images are used during the start of the class as a focus to releasing what is out of alignment with your highest intentions.

Rozy works with the cacao deva and offers 20gm cacao hot chocolate servings for £1.50. The cacao deva is an amazing heart centred facilitator that supports you to get even more out of your yoga practice!


Dynamic Nurture Flow YogaRozy Glow 

Thursdays 7:45-9:00pm

£12 or £8 with a karma card , 

£10 concession

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