Eve Hardcastle

Eve Hardcastle

Well Women Yoga

Wednesdays 16:30 – 17:45

£10 or £6 with a karma card

Contact: eve.annie.hardcastle@gmail.com 

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Eve discovered yoga at the age of 11 by her mother who brought her along to one of her classes. She fell in love with the practice almost instantly and felt a release and connection to her body like never before. Eve soon began practicing deeper and began meditating and exploring the connection of her mind and body after a relationship ending at the age of 22. Yoga and meditation has been part of her daily life ever since. In recent years, she has been exploring yoga as way to heal from emotional trauma and has held Women’s circles and women support groups. Strongly passionate about the divine feminine energy her classes explore the four seasons of the female cycle as well themed around womb power which can be found in any stage of a female’s life, menstruum, pre-natal, post-natal, pre-menopausal and post-menopausal.

In Eves classes, she creates a space in which individuals can look within themselves without judgment and explore what is present for them in the here and now, physically and emotionally. Weaving together a combination of flowing asanas and pranayama, Eve tailors each class to the individuals within the class and works with them compassionately and gently to encourage inner harmony and inner strength.