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Zero BalancingPenetrating Heaven

£45 per hour or £30 with a karma card

Contact: 07778 502287, gethyn81@hotmail.com or gethynwilliams.com

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I have studied and practiced complementary therapies for the past 20 years, beginning with Acupuncture, which provided a platform for me to explore touch and different forms of bodywork, including Bowen and Emmett Technique.

But my focus here at About Balance is on Zero Balancing bodywork and on my own technique, Penetrating Heaven, which I have developed from a personal experience and subsequent years of research. I am particularly interested in the body-mind relationship, how the body can hold (and release) patterns, trauma, memories and emotions, and the role that states of consciousness play in our
health and in how we experience our world.


“Zero Balancing is a delicious therapy that invites one into their energetic landscape to observe and reflect… It opens and relaxes the body and mind encouraging blockages to clear. Gethyn is a kind and intuitive healer in whose hands one feels ready to explore and evolve…” – Lelah, Brighton