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Patricia Carlota Gong Therapy

Gong therapy is the therapeutic application of the sound of the gong and related sound tools for the purpose of healing and wellbeing.

Creating a nurturing and transformational space, at the heart of this practice is the sound and vibration of the gong, which works as a tool to balance the physical body, mind, emotions, energetic body, and spirit. Known as the sound of total resonance, the sound of the gong gives the body a sonic massage helping to: stimulate circulation, activate the parasympathetic nervous system, and detox; slow down brainwaves and connect with meditative states and insights; let go of emotional ‘burdens’; clear energetic debris; and expand awareness.

Some benefits that can be experienced:

  • Stress reduction, or a better ability to cope with stress
  • Improvement in sleep quality
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Sense of contentment
  • Understanding solutions to problems
  • Feeling rejuvenated
  • Feeling calm and relaxed
  • Increased focus
  • Being present in the moment
  • Connecting with heart space and intuition
  • Feeling balanced and in harmony

A 1-to-1 gives you the benefit of having a bespoke session tailor-made for you. Below are some examples of the duration and potential flexible structure of the sessions available:

1 hour​​

Short meditation/visualisation + ​​​g​ong and related sound tools + ​ a few minutes of silence​​ for integration purposes ​(​Shunyata Period) ​
£65 or £55 with a karma card

90 mins​

Short ​meditation/visualisation + singing bowls ​sound massage + ​long period of ​gong and related sound tools​ ​+ ​a few minutes of silence​​ for integration purposes ​(​Shunyata Period )​ ​
£80 or £65 with a karma card

If you have any questions or specific requirements, please contact Patricia  so she can discuss what best works for you.

Patricia and Effie also offer regular Gentle Yoga and Gong Bath workshops on Sunday afternoons. Check the workshop schedule for more info and to sign up. Maria also offers Kundalini Yoga classes with Sound healing, check timetable for classes. 


Patricia Carlota at About Balance BrightonPatricia Carlota

Gong Therapy  with Patricia will be recommencing at About Balance in the New year. To book a session for 2019 please contact Patricia 🙂  

Gong Practitioner

Contact: 07825 166474, welcome@sonicsoul.uksonicsoul.uk

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