Vajrasati Yoga and Meditation at About Balance Brighton

This class is for you to unwind into your Sunday evening, prepared for a good night sleep, so you can wake up refreshed on Monday with your intentions set!

We start by warming up with a few rounds of a Sun Salutation variation, connecting with the body and breath. Yoga uses the breath in movement and postures to still the mind from its many fluctuations. We move into asana, posture practice, maintaining focus on the breath and awareness of the chakra energy centres, sometimes incorporating the use of mudras and mantras.  

The aim of physical yoga is to prepare the body and mind for pranayama and meditation. We spend 60 minutes in the physical aspect of yoga, then we work on a pranayama breathing exercise and meditation practice, finishing with a long and nurturing Savasana. The meditation is sometimes a breath meditation, sometimes a mantra or chakra meditation.

The class is suitable for all levels of experience.


Hatha Yoga with MeditationStephanie Eastwood (on maternity leave)

Sundays 6:00pm – 7:30pm

£11 or £7 with a karma card

Contact:07518542305, yogawithsteph1@gmail.com

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Tammy McCann yoga

Tammy McCann

Sundays 6:00pm – 7:15pm

£11 or £7 with a karma card