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Health Kinesiology at About Balance Brighton

Health  Kinesiology is a holistic therapy that integrates Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern science. It works achieve balance and wellness on all levels physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Muscle testing is used to test where there are inbalances in the body and what is needed to correct them. This could involve the use of magnets, your own hands, dowsing tools, acupressure points, nutrition, thinking of something (there are many possibilities) to restore balance and enable the body’s self healing & regulating ability.  Health Kinesiology can be used to support health and well being and can be focused to specific goals, for example “Help me improve my athletic performance”.

Health Kinesiology is well known for identifying and correcting allergies and intolerances but it is helpful in a multitude of scenarios, including psychological & behavioural problems, learning difficulties, pain and illness, sexual health & fertility, trauma, depression, overwhelm or stuckness, fears & phobias and more.  It can be also be used for improving athletic performance, changing habits and helping clients to achieve their goals.   

Each case is bespoke to the individual and therefore suitable for anyone at any stage of life. The Health Kinesiologist offers a menu of techniques and then muscles tests (mostly using the client’s arm) what from the menu is needed, in what sequence, within what time frame etc. It’s carefully mapped out and followed according to what is indicated by the body. The work sometimes needs a sequence of sessions and between sessions, you can be sent home with homework, for example, to adjust your diet and supplements, do a specific meditation every other day, modify something in your environment or play more.

Therapists Available

Charlotte Amery

£55 for 60 minutes or £40 with Karma card

£70 for 90 minutes or £55 with Karma card

Contact: 07769413090,,

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