Liz NavenLiz Naven

Dynamic Flow Yoga

Wednesdays 13.15 – 14.15

Contact:littlewaveyoga.comliznaven@gmail.com , @littlewave_yoga, 07921 560255

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I discovered my love of movement a little later on in life, after spending my childhood with my head in a book and my early twenties on a dancefloor. Yoga enabled me to experience and enjoy true physicality, the quality of being full of energy and force. I dedicated myself to my practice and over time improved my physical health and the connection I had with my body. Yoga also offered me mental space and clarity. In other words, it made me feel GOOD – and it still does now every day. That’s what I want my students to experience in class, as I share this love and joy of movement with others.

I completed my 200-hour teacher training with the Yoga Garden in West Sussex. Under the guidance of Toni Roberts and a handful of inspirational teachers, I learned to teach with heart, with an inquisitive nature and with creativity. My teaching takes a multi-disciplinary approach, allows for playfulness and is accessible and fun.

If you’re looking for perfection, you won’t find it here. I definitely mix up my left and right from time to time, and I’m still working on my own practice every single day. In fact, this is what helps me help you! What you will find in my yoga classes:

  • A friendly vibe
  • A space to play and experiment with movement
  • Somewhere you can learn and make progress
  • A “no-judgements-here” attitude
  • A teaching style that is flexible – but this doesn’t mean you have to be
  • Somewhere you can build up your strength while letting go of tension
  • A place to connect your mind, body & breath
  • Simple language, patience and guidance where needed
  • Elements of both: laughter and music / silence and stillness