Lucie Polakova

Lucie Polakova

Away until June 2019


Thai Massage , Thai Foot Massage


£45 per hour or £30 with a karma card

£60 for 90 minutes or £45 with karma Card

Contact:, www.facebook.com/ThaiMassageBrighton

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Lucie’s interest in Eastern healing arts and natural remedies started around 15 years ago. She became passionate about exploring the body’s self-healing ability through practice of traditional Thai massage, conscious movement, meditation and natural foods. From a young age, her biggest joy was to move, be in nature, be flexible, strong and feel good in her body.

It was only through injuries and compromised immune system that she started to feel disconnected from what was so essential in her life. 

She was determined to find a way to feel in tune with her body again, which led her to discover the practice of Yoga in 2005. From here she went on to explore Thai massage with in depth training across the globe, from UK, Thailand, and India.

Through her education and practice, Lucie found Thai massage to be deeply fascinating. The practice allows her to use the whole-body mechanics, it is like a moving meditation, where both giver and receiver benefit from the exchange of the treatment.

Her intentions are to make her clients safe and supported, help them feel happier and healthier by being more connected to their body, to guide them to experience ease in their movements and to inspire more kindness, care and compassion towards each other and nature.


I had no idea what a Thai massage entailed, but after a few moments of Lucie’s gentle pressing and manipulations, I thought what an intelligent massage system. She hit pressure points, stretched meridians, and used her whole body to stretch out my limbs and joints. NOTHING has ever felt quite this good.

Alannah Krutina, Visual Artist, former Beauty Therapist and dance student.



Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho, level 1 Reiki healing, 2004, UK

Level 3 Diploma in India head massage, 2007, Brighton/UK

NCFE Level 1 and 2 in Interpersonal/counselling skills, 2011, Brighton/UK

VTCT level 3 Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology, 2012, Brighton/ UK

Diploma in Thai massage, Sussex school of Thai massage, 2012, Brighton/UK

Advanced Thai massage & stretches, 2013, Sunshine school, Chiang Mai/Thailand

First level intensive Yoga Certificate Agama Yoga 150 hours, 2013, Koh Phangan/ Thailand

Seated acupressure massage, 2013, London/UK

Foot and lower leg acupressure massage, 2014, London/UK

Yoga Shiatsu massage, Himalayan Zen school, 2016, Rishikesh/India

Yoga for kids and Families training, Rainbow kid’s yoga, 2016, India

MISP instructor (massageinschools.com), 2016, Prague/Czechia

Thai chair massage, ITM, 2017, Chiang Mai/Thailand

Thai herbal hot compress massage, ITM, 2017, Chiang Mai/Thailand