Movement Matters at About Balance Brighton

Through the simple practice of Movement Matters, you will be guided back to your natural body wisdom. Tali invites you to get interested in the ways you move as it is a key to understanding yourself, others and your world. She will be demonstrating through her movements and inviting you to become aware of your simple everyday movements. She will encourage you to move in all your variations, thus practising flexibility in your body as well as freeing up your mind and its fixed beliefs. This class explores a different theme each week, cultivating an atmosphere of generosity and fun.

The benefits you will receive from these classes are:

  • learn to trust your body’s movement and signals,
  • build strength in your body and mind,
  • attend to your own movement as well as the movement around you,
  • discover how you move through space,
  • move your senses,
  • develop your sense of witnessing, listening and moving,
  • play with lines, angles and points of view,
  • become aware of what you notice and give it value,
  • cultivate curiosity and acceptance of yourself,
  • become a witness and a mover at the same time,
  • leaving you feeling refreshed, aligned and present.


Dates & themes

Movement Matters programme 2016-2017

Theme 1: Enlivening Body Dimensions – experiment with direction

Sep 2nd Height – re-claim your full height from feet to head, floor to ceiling
Sep 9th Width – bring attention to your sides, move your breadth, wall to wall
Sep 16th Depth – discover your front and back, your inner volume

Theme 2: Moving from Bone and Breath

Sep 23rd Joints – give each joint life, activating, articulating and relaxing
Sep 30th Pelvis, Spine, Skull – trace this journey from pelvis to skull


Oct 14th Bone Journey – dance the bones in your body
Oct 21st Ribs – expanding the wings of your ribs
Oct 28th Lungs and Diaphragm – yawning open the gateways of your lungs
Nov 4th Human Heart – moving from heart spreading

Theme 3: Digesting – inner listening

Nov 11th Stomach – how do you process information through your body?
Nov 18th Liver – listen to the voice of your liver, letting go, releasing
Nov 25th Small Intestine and Large Intestine – inner passages speak
Dec 2nd Kidneys – finding your settling, your sanctuary


Theme 4: Moving and Sounding

Jan 6th Awaken your Sound – accompany your impulse to move with sound
Jan 13th Toning – find tones to vibrate your body parts/muscles/organs
Jan 20th Sound Bath – move within sounds + pick up an instrument

Theme 5: Sensing Being

Jan 27th Listening – respond to sounds in the environment through your body
Feb 3rd Feeling – notice the world of texture through your skin
Feb 10th Seeing – explore moving from shadow & light + line, point & angle


Theme 6: Refresh your Attitudes – via your body

Feb 24th Happy Feet – practise placing your feet with an attitude of kindness
Mar 3rd Gathering & Offering – how do we shape/get shaped by our environment?
Mar 10th Statement and Doubt – embody your choices & find your decision
Mar 17th Playful and Serious – find the balance, you can choose!
Mar 24th Grateful & Resentful – re-establish healthy habits, drop outdated ones


Apr 7th Staying and Going – discover if you prefer settling or being on the move

Theme 7: Nature’s Way – become the elements

Apr 21st River – become available to constant change & flow
Apr 28th Stone – what are your imprints? Are they light/strong?
May 5th Wind – experiment with direction through space
May 12th Firelight – play with fast and sustained speed, find your rhythm
May 19th Move your element – pick the one you love the most and dive deeper
May 26th Flower – moving from sense of flower blossoming – bring a flower
Jun 2nd Fruit – moving from sense of embodying a fruit ripening – bring a fruit


Theme 8: Summer Spaces – rest, restore and rejuvenate

Jun 16th – Jul 28th Resting Spaces – Seven weekly classes to restore your energy and revitalise you. Give yourself the time to practise stopping, resting and following your line of movement this summer.

Watch this space for further details. Also see my website for updates.

Outdoor workshops will be taking place throughout the Summer, please get in contact for further details.


Tali Rose at About Balance Brighton

Tali Rose

Fridays 8:30-10:00pm

£12 drop-in (£10 concessions & reductions for 5+ classes)

Contact: movementmattersinfo@gmail.com, ourmovementmatters.com, FB: movement matters

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