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Brighton Advaita Sangha 6.30-7.45pm on Saturdays


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Universal Spirituality is my core focus in life. I write about the Nature of Consciousness, Reality, Philosophy and Metaphysics (my books are in the About Balance shop!). What I write is for lived experience, and the classes and workshops I offer are a reflection of this. While my writing provides a ‘way of seeing’ ourselves in the Universe and in the world, I aim to provide spaces in which you can experience Being in Presence for yourself, wherever you may find yourself on your Journey.

The way I see it, Oneness/Wholeness/Totality/The Absolute (Non-Duality) seeks to express itself in the multi-manifest duality of our lived experience. The Wholeness of Consciousness seeks to know itself through the separate, apparently fragmented parts of the play- you and me and everything else- the happenings of Life Itself.

I am a Yoga Teacher, registered with the Independent Yoga Network (IYN), having completed courses in Nepal and Brighton, UK (Distinction, Grade A). Classes are typically posture-based, gentle, meditative, and flowing, with awareness on sensation, body, breath and movement. I’ve been teaching yoga for around 10 years, especially in mental health centres. This has informed the style I teach- which is generally grounding and centring. What type of Yoga is it? I simply call it ‘Yoga’- because that’s what it is. It’s about coming back to the wholeness of ourselves.

As a qualified ‘Dance of Awareness’ facilitator (and regular 5Rhythms dancer) I birthed my own practice – Earth Sky Dance. This I see as ‘Free Movement Yoga’ – a term I coined to describe the less-structured approach to connecting to Self, while by no means dismissing the importance of traditional structure in other modalities and ways. Just like we need both yin (broadly, ‘nurturing’) and yang (more activating and fiery), it’s all about the balance! Earth Sky Dance is a movement of both. And it is the movement of Oneness. The unity of manifest and unmanifest. The meeting ground of Spiritual Essence and Earthen experience. Non-Duality and duality. The interplay between body and Spirit is important to me, and how we can use the body-mind to go beyond it, while deeply respecting and honouring it as we go.

Brighton Advaita Sangha is an expression of the impulse to share the One Truth We Are, while acknowledging the individual roles we are here to fulfil, and our different perspectives. It seems ironic that we have varied perspectives on what is Whole, Total and Complete (Oneness), but then it is all part of the natural play! And there are universal themes introduced to bring the group together. It is a combination of meditation, exploring readings and quotations from different souls and traditions (mostly Advaita Vedanta), discussing and sharing. We use the faculties of the mind to go beyond its limitations, coming back to the Silence and Stillness of our own True Self.

Through our Journey in Life, our experiential play, duality eventually returns to its Non-Dual Home. The part comes back in to the Whole. As separative individual expression reaches its culmination, we turn back in- we come back to Our Self. To the Spiritual Oneness we were born from, and exist in NOW. It is this we have the opportunity to live out in the world. This is our Potential. But first and foremost we must come back to ourselves. The classes I teach are essentially a facilitation of this. Becoming, and Being, Present, Here and Now… and living this Presence out in time and space, in the knowledge of Who We Really Are.

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