Neigong at About Balance Brighton

Neigong is the ancient Chinese practice of health cultivation through movement and posture.  These movements are the precursor work for the internal martial arts of xing yi and bagua, which are similar to tai chi, but somewhat more dynamic.
As such nei gong or ‘internal skill’ is designed to make you physically stronger, and improve blood flow.  If you practice the movements taught in this class expect to have more energy, a stronger immune system, be emotionally grounded and experience radically greater comfort in your body.  Neigong is the number one health optimising practice, developed by taoist sects over millenia. This is a strong claim which I urge you to put to the test of your own experience. 


Calum Thomson and Dragon Acupunture

Wednesdays 12 noon – 13:00pm

£10 or £6 with a karma card


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