Polarity Therapy

Polarity helps to treat the root cause of the health issue, working with diet and nutrition, exercise, counselling and bodywork

The treatment is given fully clothed, and focuses on the head, neck, shoulders, abdominal stress release, reflexology, and back

A 60 minute Polarity Treatment can help to remove toxins, increase your energy, lowers blood pressure, decrease depression, lowers risk to cancer, helps you to sleep better, and helps to balance life energy in the body. We do this by using subtle and firm manipulation with the hands, exercise, diet, love, thought, and attitude.

The physical body is never sick first, it begins with dis-ease in the subtle field of the mind and emotions. 

Chinese ‘Gua-Sha’ is available for lungs, liver and breathing disorders

Most people will feel a significant change after just one treatment, leaving you feeling light, grounded, centred and relaxed

The treatment is very effective when a patient is not well

Polarity Therapy

Tim Tse

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