Reflexology before and during Pregnancy at About Balance Brighton

Reflexology can be a wonderful solution to some of the unique challenges of pregnancy!

It can help both achieve and support a pregnancy as well as the transition after birth..

How can it help?

  • Helps to reduce tension and increases relaxation and improves sleep patterns by balancing the brain and nervous system
  • Improves balance of hormone production and distribution, supporting fertility and conception
  • Reduces recurrence of miscarriage and anxieties connected to this
  • Supports the development of foetus and mothers ability to adapt to changes during pregnancy
  • Helps in the postnatal period for mothers’ energy levels, adaptation to motherhood (breastfeeding, sleep patterns,bonding with child).

How is it practical? 

Many pregnant need support during morning sickness and to ease the pressure on the diaphragm as the baby grows or for their back when the baby becomes heavier. It can be additional pressure on the sciatic nerve in the lower back that brings irritating pain in the legs, bottom and back. Reflexology is pretty effective in alleviating pain and pressure. Even after the baby is born, where a woman’s body needs help to rebalance, reflexology can assist with this process of the body’s return and provide emotional and physical comfort too.


Helen Dodds

Reflexology for Pregnancy (before, during and after)


£45 for 60 minutes or £30 with Karma card

Contact:07931513435, helendoddstherapy@gmail.com 

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