Roger Desmond

Roger Desmond

Green Man Card Reading

£45 for 40 minutes or £30 with karma Card 

£60 per hour or £40 with a karma card


(Here every Friday and Saturday 1-3pm, but also available other times)

Contact:07923224146, willowwizard@hotmail.co.uk

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I suppose it really started with a crisis in my own life as these things often do. I was rushed to hospital with severe stomach pains, fever and dizziness.

As it turned out my gall bladder was shot to pieces, I had a split blood vessel, blocked arteries and a leaking heart valve. I did a deal with God and the Green Man “Get me through this and I will put my gift to good use and help others”. It took time for the exact path to reveal itself but 7 operations and 2 years later I returned to my spiritual readings.

I have always had an affinity with nature, as a child I could always be found playing in the woods. I felt so alive in the great outdoors.  The time of day or weather was never an issue, I just felt protected in the woods and as if I could share my thoughts and be heard and equally hear.

My first spiritual experience happened when I was 4 years old. I stood on my Nan’s needlework box to look at a 9ft white figure that was glowing outside the window. I told my parents, who told me I must be dreaming because they couldn’t see anything. After that I stopped sharing with them and at school I singled myself out by coming up with answers to things I could not possibly know. This became such a character feature that my friends called me “Reverend Rog”. As a teen I became a farm hand and the farmer commented on the ease of my connection with the live stock. This all seemed so natural to me and I wanted to continue working on the farm once I left school.
Unfortunately my parents did not want me to ‘settle’ for being a farm hand and despite my protestations pushed me down the college and engineering route. I was the archetypal ‘square peg in a round hole’ in this environment. However I am truly grateful for the lessons I learnt in the engineering and commercial world. I learnt to be cut throat, dishonest and nasty in pursuit of the ‘right deal’ and abandoned my core spiritual values in pursuit of this version of ‘success’. The lines on my face have been well earned and I paid a high price in terms of my mental and physical health by moving away from my own innate ‘knowing’. So as a result of my own near death, not just physically but spiritually I found my way back home to my roots in nature and in the desire to give back to the Universe in the way I have been given to.

Using my oracle cards as my prompt and guide I’m able pick up on your energy and tune into the Greenman nature spirit to give my vision of “what’s around you and what’s to come”, As part of these readings it has become recognised that this process has a beneficial healing quality.