Gentle Nurture Flow yoga Thursday 6-7.15pm £12/£8 with Karma card 

Dynamic Nurture Flow yoga  Thursday 19:45-21:00 £12/£8 with Karma card

Contact:rosanna@rozyglow.com  07811 694049

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Rosanna is a Yoga Teacher, Empowerment Coach and Intuitive who supports those attracted to work with her to transform their fears & experiences of lack & limitation.
She supports the shift from the 3D Matrix Fear/Control Paradigm (aka what most of us call mainstream perceived ‘reality’) to becoming Multi Dimensional Co Creators with divine source where we each seed the 5D paradigm of Paradise on Earth in our own unique way! Her modes of engagement and delivery include online group and one to one coaching, self study digital programs, retreats, workshops, classes and teacher training programs.
Rosanna is an Emotional Mental Detox Coach, Yoga Teacher, Teacher Trainer Fertility & Sacred Sexuality specialist, Birth educator, Reiki Master, Doula, Mother & Fairy Godmother. Her passion is centred around creating peace on earth through raising the vibration of those already on the planet in preparation for the sensitive souls that are already coming and require a radically different approach to the fertility, prenatal, birth and postnatal period.

Rosanna’s work is founded on Dr Bruce Lipton’s pioneering research into epigenetics & wider scientific advances regarding the consciousness of babies in the womb and out!
She is a certified Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance UK and a teacher training Tutor for Birthlight. Rosanna teaches yoga for conception, pregnancy, birth & the postnatal period and works with couples to prepare them for pregnancy, birth & parenthood. She also teaches yoga for babies, postnatal recovery and teen yoga.
Her RozyGlow Dynamic Nurture Flow style of yoga has evolved out of her extensive experience of the Birthlight approach to womens yoga, combined with yoga therapeutics and alignment principles gained from training in Anusara Yoga and with Bo Forbes.
This suits both women and men of all ages who require a practice to loosen them up, connect them with their heart and particularly benefits athletes or those who don’t have a spiritual practice but are craving a connection to something ‘more’. Anusara means to ‘flow with grace’ and offers strong, uplifting and therapeutic yoga steeped in tantric philosophy.
Rosanna is a Tutor for Birthlight (2009), training yoga teachers, midwives, doulas &other health professionals in yoga for fertility, the perinatal period, birth, postnatal recovery and babies/toddlers. She founded InJoy Yoga CIC in 2003- a Croydon based yoga and self development business offering yoga for all stages of life.
RozyGlow, her latest venture founded in 2012, offers digital products and coaching programs in all Rosanna’s areas of expertise.
She has been Chair of the MSLC at Croydon University Hospital and a member of the CNHC. Her background is in vibrational medicine (Reiki Master ,2005) and education & environmental studies (BA Hons , 1999). Her passion is in sharing the healing power of the sacred feminine and bridging the gap between spirit and matter.
Rosannna’s specialist interests are in conscious living and birthing, letting go of fear/shame on a cellular level and living in joy! Rosanna’s style is inspiring and nurturing…she loves to make yoga relevant to the here and now, and to inspire those who are new to yoga to discover its benefits.

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