Scaravelli-inspired yoga at About Balance Brighton

“If only the mind knew how restful it was to be with ‘what is’” – Vanda Scaravelli

Scaravelli-Inspired yoga was developed by Vanda Scaravelli as a more creative form of yoga that is more interested in the journey into the pose than creating idealised shapes. As her book states, it is about ‘awakening the spine’.

There is a central point in the lumbar spine at which gravity grounds us to the earth and frees the upper spine to lengthen. It is an approach, not a technique, which encourages listening to the body. There are many ways into the body, and it is about finding a way to work with it, not against it. Vanda’s most inspiring realization is how, on the exhale, there is a wave that moves through the spine. If you can free the breath, you can free the spine.


Alex Golding at About Balance Brighton

Alex Golding

Wednesday 12-1:15pm      

Contact: golding_alex@hotmail.com

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