Sekhem Energy Healing

Sekhem Energy Healing at About Balance

Sekhem Energy Healing sessions are 60/90/120 minute one-to-one sessions with Imaania.
Imaania (they/them) says:

Sekhem is a lineage based from of Energy Healing, that carries knowledge and wisdom from the temples of Ancient Egypt.

It is associated with the element of Fire, carrying an ability to cleanse and purify, transmute and rebirth.

This high vibrational, living light energy is drawn down from the Soul Star Chakra above the head, through the body, into the Earth Star Chakra beneath the feet. It then travels back up the body and through the hands of the practitioner. Sekhem is a continuous overflow of love that can bring a sense of remembered wholeness, balance and connection to our original source and soul essence.

Sekhem also connects to the energy of the Sun, the Sirius Star System and the Great Central Sun. It works with the power of the Trinity, which is also an embodied reflection – Mind, Body, Spirit etc. This reflects the energies ability to work on the many layers of the energetic field and energetic bodies – the physical and cellular, mental, emotional, spiritual etc.

When we are able to feel into imbalances, blocks or stagnation within the outer layers of our energy field, we can address the root causes of sickness and disease. For this reason, Sekhem can be a preventative method which allows us the space to directly address challenges at their root, rather than allowing them to become physically manifest. The energy also works beyond the 3rd dimensional limitations of space and time. It has the ability to connect different lifetimes and timelines of soul experience – it can bring a sense of coming home to a fullness of Being.

Healers do not heal other people. We simply create a safe and sacred space in which people are encouraged to Be and Express. To Receive and Surrender to the light and potential within. The sharing of energy healing creates a high vibrational space in which this becomes even more accessible – the safer a container is, the more one is able to process their journey and expand into their awareness. We can only hold others as deep as we are able to hold ourselves and as deeply as the receiver allows. The energy flow responds to the consent of the receiver – it is your sovereign choice to accept or reject the healing at any moment.

Experiences during a Sekhem Session may include feeling deeply relaxed, cleansed and revitalised. You may experience energetic shifts, visions, textures and colours. You may feel and receive guidance from your allies and beings in other dimensions of consciousness. Your unique experience is completely valid and unlimited in its potential.

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Sekhem Energy Healing


£50 for 60 min or £35 with Karma card

£65 for 90 min or £35 with Karma card

£80 for 90 min or £65 with Karma card

Contact: 07597140597, lupinehearthealing.wixtice.com/love, lupinehearthealing@outlook.com, @lupinehearthealing

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