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Shamanic Healing at About Balance

Shamanic Healing sessions are 60/90/120 minute one-to-one sessions with Imaania.
Imaania (they/them) says:

As human beings, we are all innately shamanic – connected to multiple worlds, states of consciousness and the interwoven web of life. When we dream,we enter shamanic trance and journey into deeper states of our psyche, as well as into other layers of our energetic bodies, such as our astral body.

Shamanic healing works within the multiple dimensions of this human experience. It connects the flow of energy between the physical body to the outer layers, to the timelines of experience beyond the material and into altered states of consciousness.

My personal journey has been deeply rooted in the healing energies of Mother Earth – connecting to the wisdom of the Tree People, Plant & Mushroom Spirits and the Spirits of the Elements. I often call upon these energies to support the journey during a Shamanic Healing session. I also welcome the connection to the Stars, the benevolent beings of higher dimensions and to our ancestors. A sacred space of union between this world and the other worlds is opened.

Shamanic healing sessions are offered in a ceremonial way. This means that elements of ritual such as herbal smudging, feather cleansing, shamanic journeying, use of the medicine drum & instruments (such as the rattle and singing bowl), prayer and guided meditation may also be used to further support the flow of the session. For those wishing to journey with plant medicines (such as Mamma Cacao) & healing herbs, the opportunity to bring this into a healing session is also possible and very much welcomed (this would be recommended for 90-120 minute sessions).

My intention is to hold a safe and sacred space for exploration and expression. To allow the receiver to more easily access the depths of their being and awareness. To connect beyond the physical world and remember the magick, light and power that breathes within us all. To commune with the planet and other beings from this sense of interconnected, unconditional love. To remember our purpose and innate fullness. And in doing so, reminding ourselves that we are all unique beings of light and healing with so many gifts to offer the worlds.

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Shamanic Healing


£50 for 60 min or £35 with Karma card

£65 for 90 min or £35 with Karma card

£80 for 90 min or £65 with Karma card

Contact: 07597140597, lupinehearthealing.wixtice.com/love, lupinehearthealing@outlook.com, @lupinehearthealing

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