The Women’s Yoga Circle

This gentle Yan-Yin practice welcomes all levels. In addition to being suitable for pre- and post-natal women, this class is inclusive to all women at all stages of their womanhood. The poses in this practice are mindful of  women’s physiological needs including:

·         lower back pain due to pregnancy

·         menstrual pains

·         hormonal imbalances

·         strengthen the pelvic floor muscles

·         menopausal arthritis

To complement this, our intimate circle honors women’s emotional wellbeing by incorporating a meditation-in-motion approach and Yin poses that are held for several minutes accessing and strengthening the inner connective tissues of our muscles.  A nourishing Savasana closes every practice. 


The Women's Yoga Circle
Miri Renert

Thursdays 12:45-14:00 pm

£10 or £6 with a karma card

Contact: 07889707973, renertmiri@yahoo.com

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