Tim Tse

Tim Tse

Tim Tse

Polarity Therapy
Email: ukpolarity@gmail.com Telephone: 07504 697 471
60 min: £45/£30 with Karma card
90 min: £60/£45 with Karma card

23 years experience in U.K. and Hong Kong, working alongside doctors and mid-wives, helping patients with busy life styles dealing with stress and various pains

Polarity helps to treat the root cause of the health issue, working with diet and nutrition, exercise, counselling and bodywork

The treatment is given fully clothed, and focuses on the head, neck, shoulders, abdominal stress release, reflexology, and back

A 60 minute Polarity Treatment can help to remove toxins, increase your energy, lowers blood pressure, decrease depression, lowers risk to cancer, helps you to sleep better, and helps to balance life energy in the body. We do this by using subtle and firm manipulation with the hands, exercise, diet, love, thought, and attitude.

The physical body is never sick first, it begins with dis-ease in the subtle field of the mind and emotions. 

Chinese ‘Gua-Sha’ is available for lungs, liver and breathing disorders

Most people will feel a significant change after just one treatment, leaving you feeling light, grounded, centred and relaxed

Previous Clients include: Sting, Avdhoot Baba Shivanan ji, Jocelyn Brown, Louie Vega, Jo Wood, Maggie Q, Sir Elton John, The Rolling Stones, Concert staff for Björk, and Lady Gaga.

Polarity Therapy is a system of energy balancing involving bodywork, counseling, therapeutic exercise and nutrition. It is based on the work of Dr. Randolph Stone who integrated his work as a Naturopath, Osteopath and Chiropractor with the eastern concepts of energy flow found in the Ayurvedic system of India, as well as the Chinese and Egyptian Hermetic System.

A session usually consists of about an hour of hands-on bodywork, involving a series of both light and deep contact to release the energy and allow it to re establish a normal balanced flow. This results in deep relaxation, allowing for a release of tension and chronic pain and providing an opportunity for you to discover more about your mental and emotional blocks and how to develop a healthy attitude toward life.

The counseling process is an integral part of the work and gives you an insight into the causes of your stress and helps you find the key to overcoming problems. Corrective exercises and nutritional advice are an important part of the process.



“Just wanted to share what a fantastic experience it is to have any of Tim’s sessions. Not only do you feel better after just one session you feel amazing. Tim is the most knowledgeable person I know and educated me on how to make really positive life changes for me and my family. I wish I lived closer to have regular treatments. Tim has dedicated his life to improving others lives through all kinds of treatments and sharing of health and well-being information. I have improved my diet, sleep better and have more energy. I feel extremely blessed to know him and life is richer with him in it.” (Sandra)

“I have been suffering with sleep problems, acid reflux, aches and pains, taking many medications every day for so many years plus being overweight and eating dead food as Tim put it correctly. Reluctantly I went to see Tim and I really can say my life changed. I sleep better, lost nearly two stones and taking quarter of the medications I used to take. Tim has such nice personality, being humble, really wants to help and very cheerful person. I recommend Tim with all my heart.” (Fari – Pastor)

“Definitely recommend a treatment with Tim Tse. Well worth the time and money to improve your wellbeing physically, emotionally and spiritually. I feel revitalised and have a more positive outlook. Tim gives in-depth practical advice on improving and optimising yourself. If your feeling like you need a boost, some nurturing, more clarity, a way of de-stressing or increasing your energy then get in touch with Tim.” (Gabriela)

“My treatment with Tim was a hugely transformative experience… His depth of knowledge, keen instincts and generous spirit combined with a contagious positive attitude has helped me immensely. I have also developed an eye-opening new awareness of my physical self through the polarity massage and Tim has given me so many tools to help me on my journey to a happier, healthier self! Thank you Tim” (Anna)

“Tim is an amazing healer, he definitely has magic in his hands. I can’t recommend his treatments enough.” (Angela – VCDT Therapist)

“I always feel much more at peace at the end of Tim’s treatment and I don’t ever want it to end every time! Tim is not only a great healer who’s able to integrate different modalities in his unique style of Polarity Therapy in a customised treatment, he’s also a wealth of information in self care. I always learn something new after seeing him.” (Anita – CEO i-detox and Wellness Coach)

“I’ve known Tim for almost 10 years and have been receiving treatment sessions from him for almost all that time. Simply put – you notice a difference after each and every session. Increased blood circulation, better breathing, better digestion, less tension in the muscles and coupled with his exercises – I notice I sleep better at night and I’m more alert during the days.I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone.” (Claus – Managing Director)

“Having had several treatments from Timothy Tse has really helped me feel lots better, as I do travel very often and in my line of work seeing a very good therapist is important to my well being. Thank you Tim for all!!” (Louie Vega – Music Producer) 

“Whilst in Hong Kong Tim invited me to take a Polarity Session, I’ve never even heard of it before but I had tried many other types of massage therapies and was happy to try something new. It was the best boost I had ever received, like someone had lifted a weight from my shoulders. I only wish that I could have more regular treatments but living in London I only manage to see him on my annual visits to HK. I would give Tim 100% recommendation and would say he has magical healing powers.” (Gavin – Music Producer)

“Tim’s treatments work. Whether you’re looking to work on your body, mind, or spirit, you’ll feel perfect, whole and complete, balanced, grounded, energised and ready to take on what ever you so desire. I recommend purchasing a package and doing at least one treatment per week. Gratefully (Lisa – CEO Eco Asia)

“Yes, I have felt so much better after my first treatments on 2 different occasions now. Last year I had several treatments and Tim, left Brighton on his travels. He has just returned to Brighton. Last week I had a 2 hour treatment, that kind of ran into 3 hours. Tim does not clock watch and leave you half treated. I have been having horrendous pain in my back and my body had gone out of alignment. I have been having to use a wheelchair. After just one treatment my body is straight again, mainly noticeable in my shoulders and hips. I can stand straight up again and not all bent over and twisted. I can highly recommend Tim. Also I feel happier in myself, as if something has lifted mentally. A few days ago he gave my partner a treatment (things were catching up with him a bit, hardly surprising really, trying to juggle my care around a very busy job). He too felt more relaxed and at one with the world again.” (Linda Jane)

“Tim’s treatments take massage to another dimension, leaving you feeling more in balance. I have known Tim for the past 10 years and can highly recommend his work.” 

(Jac Vidgen – Senior Buteyko Breathing Teacher)

“I have known Tim for many years now and have always been amazed at the results after a treatment from him. He is very gifted with his work in Polarity Therapy and the other Oriental practises he has mastered. I feel the main reasons to choose to have treatments with Tim is that his knowledge, effectiveness and love for his therapy work is unmatched. I can highly recommend Tim for Polarity Therapy and all the other services he offers.” (Piers Penfold – Music Producer)

“I have seen Tim for 3 treatments now and am unlikely to stop. Unlike seeing thr Dr, you don’t leave Tim with a pill of ugly pills but rather a smile and a huge sense of peace. My spirit feels massaged and happy and my heart no longer races when I am under pressure. I recommend Tim to all you high achiever’s out there. Forget the expensive Day Spa’s; they are nothing like 2 hours with Tim!” (Belinda Kruger (Managing Director – Art Lease)

“Tim is truly one of a kind and there is none like him in his profession. Very specialized, caring, helpful and always ready to assist in every way or any way he can. Goes out of his way to explain as well as advice as to what’s good and what exercises we should do. Even if it concerns diet! I would most definitely recommend Tim to anyone.”


“Timothy has treated me several times over the past few months most professionally. He is knowledgeable and was able to explain in clear words what was wrong with my ankle. I can recommend Timothy full-heartily.” (Marco Foehn – Chief Operating Manager)

“Managing Director at Thicas Interiors. Tim’s treatments are a bit off the beaten path; techniques nothing I encountered before but I have to say they are definitely effective! Thoughly relaxing and rejuvenating treatments, and Tim’s approach is nothing but professional and comfortable. I would highly recommend Tim to anyone looking for alternative treatments for long-lasting benefits!” (Sandy Kotan – Managing Director)

“Timothy is a true professional as a massage therapist. His understanding of muscle fatigue and knowledge of the different schools of massage, from Swedish to Thai was impressive. One of the best signs of a good massage is that one does not feel bruised the next day and this was never the case. I highly recommend Timothy.” 

(Suzanne Gendron – Steering committee member at CBSG)

“Tim Tse offers a high calibre of therapy that is as holistic as you need it to be – ranging from simply excellent physical massage to addressing emotions, mind and spirit too. His many years of training and experience are evident in his treatment of clients.” (Nissa Marion – Editor in Chief at Ecozine)

“Tim is a man of many talents; he has amazing things to share and at the same time very down to earth. The treatment he provided in my case was in itself rather painful as all my muscles were painful; the result was WOW!  I highly recommend Tim and his magic hands!” (Bart Minne – Director at Thicas Interiors Ltd)