Zero Balancing at About Balance Brighton

Zero Balancing is a gentle form of bodywork that helps to align your body’s energy with its physical structure – your skeleton. This relationship can be affected by the ‘memory’ of old injuries, poor posture or emotional stress.

Each session takes place with you fully clothed and lying on your back on a massage table while the practitioner uses finger pressure and held stretches to invite the release of tension accumulated in the deeper levels of the body – relaxing right down to your bones!

It can offer you a better experience of your own body, improved posture and movement, and a new state of awareness from which old patterns and the ‘memory’ of old injuries can be more readily released.

Zero Balancing promotes a unique state of deep relaxation for your body and mind, and also creates a safe space for you to let go of emotional stress. It can help you to access deep meditative states and enjoy the experience of expanded states of consciousness.


Gethyn Williams at About Balance Brighton

Gethyn Williams Cert ZB

Zero Balancing, Penetrating Heaven

£45 per hour or £30 with a karma card

Contact: 07778 502287, gethyn81@hotmail.com or gethynwilliams.com

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