Events and Workshops at About Balance Brighton

August may just be over, but creative wellbeing is here to stay.

Wellbeing comes in many forms, including creativity and self-expression. Here at About Balance we believe in offering our community all aspects of wellbeing – it is all about balance after all!

Annie Lyle is staying with us on a monthly basis bringing various mindful activities to the table; from drawing, to painting, to ceramics! And look out for more creative wellbeing workshops and events and some surprises throughout the rest of the year!

Other wonderful regular weekend workshops are also now open for booking for the next 3 months: 

Try sinking into serene calm in an extended Restorative Yoga session with Tammy,

Explore the powerful vibrations of the Gong and Kundalini Yoga with Tabather,

Be warmly welcomed into Gabi and Lou’s LGBTQIA+ Community yoga workshops,

And get to know our mysterious newcomer, Andreas as he introduces us into the world of shamanism.

Scroll down for further details, and how to book!