'Karma Card'
Affordable, Fair-trade, Well-being

At About Balance we believe wellbeing isn’t a privilege, and should be affordable and accessible to all!

Karma card- affordable wellbeing in brighton

How does the ‘Karma Card’ works?

The ‘Karma card’ makes you a member of ‘About Balance’. As a member you will get hefty discounts on everything we do at the studio.
Most treatments will be £35 instead of £50.
Most classes will be £6 instead of £10 and you will get discounts at the shop and our little cafe as well as in other small bushiness in town.

But if I’m paying so little how much the practitioners are getting?

Well, all of it, 100% of it! So we are not just low-cost, we are also a ‘fair trade’ centre, we want our therapists and teachers to be paid well so they can keep doing what they do best.

We keep your ‘Karma card’ fees and the teachers and therapists keep 100% of what you pay. and as their rent is super cheap they can actually make an honest living from their job AND afford to give you affordable services. 

It’s a win win win. 

Here is Effie, our founder, to tell you a bit more about it 

OK take my money! where do i sign up?! 

If you are not sure about it you can try it for one month for £15, no strings attached.

Or get it on a monthly direct debit for £10 a month. Don’t worry you can cancel whenever you want in your mindbody account or by emailing the studio, no minimum terms, no penalties

 (We are not an evil gym!) 

How do i cancel a membership? 

Just sign in to your ‘mind-body’ account and cancel from there. Here is a little explanation on how to do it.