Classes at About Balance Brighton - Yoga, Meditation, Dance, Writing

Classes at About Balance Brighton

We offer a wide range of classes in yoga, dance, meditation and even writing to energise, relax, uplift and inspire you. Why not try something new?

Not sure which yoga class to choose?

Are you looking for yoga classes in Brighton but not sure which one to try? Have you been practising for years but are now looking for some new inspiration? We believe the most important thing is to find the teacher that’s right for you. This is why we recommend trying lots of different yoga classes to find the one that suits you best. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch.

Hatha Yoga at About Balance Brighton

Authentic Hatha Yoga

Authentic Hatha yoga is based on ancient Hatha yoga scripts and teachings. It is a meditative type of yoga, where we hold asanas for a longer period of time and work not only with the physical body but with our thoughts and emotions as well.

Teachers: Jitka Andrlova, Laura Prychidko 

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Brighton Advaita Sangha

A community gathering to explore and relate to – and be in – the Reality of Oneness, with words, sharing and meditation. This group can provide spiritual sustenance for us all. I’ve got many ideas. So have you. We create it together.

Teachers: Nathan Godolphin

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Candle Light Yoga

A deeply nourishing Yin and Restorative practice by candle light. This class is a chance to slow down and connect with a sense of calmness and acceptance. A perfect way to boost the immune system and calm the nervous system, a perfect way to prepare you for a restful and rejuvenating nights sleep.

Teacher: Sarah Achucarro

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Lunchtime Yoga

A class to fit perfectly into your lunch break filled with gentle stretching and easy movement of the body to work out any kinks from the day so far.

Teacher: Katie Finch

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Dynamic Yoga at About Balance Brighton

Dynamic Hatha Yoga

This is a strong, physical, dynamic yoga class offering a well-rounded yoga session to all, often incorporating elements of vinyasa, mindfulness, pranayama and meditation.

Teachers: Jordan Paul

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Dynamic Nurture Flow Yoga

Mixed level class with a focus on activating, cleansing, and harmonizing all layers of the energetic body through the physical practice of yoga.

Teacher: Rozy Glow

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Early Morning Yoga at About Balance Brighton


Early Morning Yoga

Our early morning yoga classes are perfect for office workers (or just early birds!) Come and stretch out those kinks and gain focus for the day ahead.

Teachers: Effie Love, Jude Murray

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Yoga and Live Harp at About Balance Brighton

Gentle Nurture Flow

This gentle, remedial & restorative yoga class is focused on deep holding pattern release and therapeutic alignment, to support you in aligning with your Optimal Blueprint. We work with reversing spirals of doom into spirals of JOY, by undoing current body conditioning to find freedom within & re patterning cellular memory

Teachers: Rozy Glow

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Jivamukti at About Balance Brighton

Hatha Yoga

These classes focus on the Hatha system of Asanas or postures and include yogic philosophy, meditation, pranayama, mantras, mudras and the force of the sun and the calmness of the moon to create balance and to relax the body and mind.

Teachers: Maku Correa, Stephanie Eastwood

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Hatha Flow Yoga

This is an invigorating yoga class for refocusing your mind and rejuvenating your body. We practice traditional Hatha yoga poses in a flowing sequence to energize your body and relax your mind. Mindfulness; observing breath and body are an integral part of class.

Teachers: Jitka Andrlova ,

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Iyengar Yoga at About Balance Brighton

Iyengar Yoga

“Iyengar yoga is meditation in action.” Correct alignment, skilful sequencing and the use of props when necessary enables every student to practice safely. Iyengar yoga is for Every Body – you don’t need to be able to touch your toes to join!

Teachers: Barbara Pozzoni

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Kundalini Yoga at About Balance Brighton

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is the yoga of energy and its unique approach makes it especially transformative. It combines physical asana practice and breathing with mudras (hand gestures), bandhas (body locks) and mantras, and promotes both physical and emotional healing.

Teachers: Maria Varanpal

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Meditation & Mindfulness

Mindfulness meditation helps us practice the art of letting go and relaxing. Mindfulness is the practice of bringing a non-judgemental awareness to the whole of our experience in the present moment. Meditation is the art of stopping, coming back to the present moment and letting go of our worries and preoccupations.

Teachers: David Litchfield

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Hatha Yoga with Meditation

This class is for you to unwind into your Sunday evening, prepared for a good night sleep, so you can wake up refreshed on Monday with your intentions set!

Teacher: Stephanie Eastwood

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Dance Practise

This class is open to anyone who enjoys dancing and offers a space to explore dance as a mind and body practice. The practice is driven by the pleasure of dancing individually and with others and is intended to leave you feeling alert, confident, open and joyful.

Teachers: Tamar Daly

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Naked Tantric Yoga for Men

Birthlight Pregnancy Yoga

Birthlight pregnancy yoga is suitable for women from 14 weeks pregnancy through to when they give birth and offers a beautifully holistic approach to pregnancy, birth and mothering. It is suitable for all levels of yoga experience, particularly benefiting those with a strong existing practice and those who are new to yoga.

Teachers: RozyGlow

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Qigong is the art and science of energy cultivation.  Through time, work and enquiry we deepen our perception and understanding of the universal energy (Qi) both in our own body/mind and all things.  Scientific research has shown the benefits of Qigong to health and wellbeing, and the practice can also develop spiritual, martial and artistic capacities.  It has a strong relationship with Taijiquan (Tai Chi) through the use of soft, flowing and grounded movements which develop internal energy.

Teachers:  Carmen Dolz

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Reflective Writing

Reflective writing can awaken our unique richness and strength. Through a series of short writing exercises we explore our experiences, hopes and knowledge of and belief in ourselves, which can help strengthen connections within ourselves and those around us, and to tap into our potential. This space is both creative and contained.

Teachers: Maura Cowen

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Seasonal Yoga

Seasonal Yoga was developed to address the imbalance between nature and our modern day lifestyles and blends the wisdom of two ancient philosophies: Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Teachers: Natalie Heath

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Iyengar Yoga at About Balance Brighton

Vajrasati Yoga

Vajrasati yoga combines the poses and breathing of a standard yoga class with the exploration of the teachings of Patanjali.

Teachers:  Jim & KhadineSarah Pailthorpe

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Jivamukti Yoga at About Balance Brighton

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a playful and physical form of yoga that will lift your spirits and energy levels while increasing flexibility, focus, strength and balance. It allows you to connect to your body, mind and soul in a way that is nourishing, detoxifying and strengthening.

Teachers: Gabriella Cook, 

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Iyengar Yoga at About Balance Brighton

 Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is a very strong physical practice as it involves unifying the mind, body and soul through the breath and asanas. It can be quite a challenging practice for complete beginners and is therefore more suited to those who have prior experience with some foundational asanas.

Teacher: Olive Walton

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Neigong is the ancient Chinese practice of health cultivation through movement and posture. Neigong is the number one health optimising practice, developed by taoist sects over millenia. This is a strong claim which I urge you to put to the test of your own experience. 

Teachers: Dragon

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Early Morning Yoga at About Balance Brighton

Slow Flow with Flo

With a restorative approach this slow flow gives us time to feel into our bodies and listen to what they need. If you’ve had a busy day and need to relax, are having a mid-afternoon lull, or if you’re just in need of time to yourself with yourself, this class will give you the space to reconnect and replenish your stores.

Teachers: Flo W Ryder

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Kundalini Yoga at About Balance Brighton

Well Women Yoga

Well Women Yoga aims to help stabilize hormonal levels and create a new foundation for emotional stability besides physical benefits including improved blood circulation, postural alignment. muscle tone and balance.

Teachers: Eve Hardcastle

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