Breathwork Classes in Brighton


Breathwork Classes in Brighton

Working with the breath can help you to realign, recenter and reinvigorate. Using methods and techniques backed by neuroscience research, breathing in a way that creates coherence in all systems of the body.



Breathwork and Meditation session – Wednesdays 4:45pm – 5.45pm

Breathwork is an umbrella term for any time you take conscious control of your breath and use it as a vehicle to create a shift in your physiology and/or state of mind. Whether you want to alleviate anxiety, improve sleep or optimize your sports performance there are different breathing techniques for all of these. It is my mission to educate and empower you on how to do so.

Through the breath we can cleanse our organs, balance the endocrine system, calm the nervous system, shift & release trauma, expand & elevate the energetic body, connect with the Divine and enter into altered states of consciousness where we can dramatically shift our experience of ourselves and the world, becoming the master of our realities. Learning to control and manipulate the breath can allow us to create space so that we can move, serve & live from a place of compassion, authenticity & conscious awareness.


Kate Dennison