Gentle Yoga Classes in Brighton

Gentle Yoga Classes in Brighton

Yoga classes focusing on more subtle stretches and movement, available for those less experienced as well as people looking for low key exercise.

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Gentle Early Morning Yoga – Wednesdays & Fridays 7.30am – 8.30am

What would happen if you started your morning with Yoga? Before work, before email, before social media, even before coffee?  Why don’t you find out? We will breath, stretch, balance and focus for 60min, and then start our day.

Teacher: Pablo Wilson

Lunchtime Beginners Yoga with Donna – Mondays 1.10pm-1.55pm

This class combines yoga philosophy and embodied practices such as meditation, mantra and pranayama.
Donna’s aim is simply to share this practice as a means to realise the ultimate potential in all of us. To integrate mind, body and soul on and off the mat. To live fully, holistically and happily. Classes are crafted with a meditative feel, a deep dive into the movements of the body through āsana (poses) and the subsequent releasing of tension and stress through the breath. Instructions are guides towards an experience rather than a goal – authentic and heart centred. Weaving some anatomy and philosophy throughout – pointing towards the deeper aspects of our being. Leaving students feeling calmer, more connected and peaceful.
Her mantra and wish for all her students: Be yourself, realise your true essence, feel good.
Teacher: Donna Raftery

Lunchtime Mindful Yoga – Wednesdays 1.10pm – 1.155pm

Classes will explore yoga postures (some restorative, some stronger), breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation. Tammy’s approach is friendly, playful and joyful, with an emphasis on kindly awareness of our bodies as they are in the moment. Tammy’s intention is for students to leave the practice feeling lighter in body and mind, and for this to resonate throughout the rest of the day.

Suitable for everyone.

Teacher: Tammy Mccann

Fun & Friendly Beginners Yoga – Thursdays 1.10 – 1.55pm

As a Vajrasati Yoga Teacher my aim is to create a safe and nurturing environment for practice.

I have a body positive, compassionate, humorous, down to earth and wholly inclusive approach, suitable for all, with focus on soothing the nervous system and increasing mobility.

These classes allow us to build a firm foundation in our asana practice and beyond, that would suit absolute beginners or those deepening their practice, finding out what yoga has to offer.

Teacher: Zoe Boarer-Pitman

Yoga for Stress – Thursdays 5.30pm – 6.30pm

Join Tammy for an hour of unwinding through mindful movement and sitting meditation. Practices will increase parasympathetic tone to relax the body and mind to reduce the stresses of everyday life. Ongoing practice supports improved mood, better sleep and enhanced quality of life.
Teacher: Tammy McCann

Community Meditation (Virtual Only) – Thursdays – 8.15am – 8.45am

Suitable for everyone. Tammy will lead this meditation with gentleness, clarity and accessible language. The practice will promote ease and acceptance of the body and mind, and guide you into the day with kindness towards yourself and others. Tammy draws on her deep experience of yoga, meditation and alternative practices to create a sense of sharing and community in the meditation, so that everyone feels held, connected and in touch with the present moment – the precious moment.

Teacher: Tammy Mccann

Gentle Womens Yoga – Thursdays – 9:30am – 10:30am

This class is designed for women, or anyone with female body.
Women are cyclical beings. It’s against our physiology to create a routine that is exactly the same each day. Throughout each month our energy levels rise and fall, the willingness to socialize or seek solitude differs, the mood and attitude often changes. This class honors the ebb and flow of our being and promotes our cyclical nature instead of pushing through the linear.
The practice is slow and gentle, focused on the felt sense in the body in order to bring the awareness within. Where the awareness goes the energy flows- bringing awareness into our pelvic area- the center of our gravity, center of creativity, improves health and vitality of our female organs as well as the whole body. The practice is based on exploration of the body and senses to befriend and deepen the connection to our physicality. Expect a combination of ancient and modern yogic principles, breath, movement and chanting accompanied with gentle music in the background, delicate scents, and touch to awaken all of our senses and get ready for the day.

Teacher: Anna Rabiej