Ayurvedic Massage at About Balance Brighton


Holistic Abhyanga / Ayurvedic massage


15min consultation / 45min massage 

Ancient full body massage that makes you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Performed with a tailored ayurvedic blend to balance your dosha.


  • improve skin complexion, blood circulation and sleep

  • tones muscles

  • stimulate and strengthen the nervous system

  • loosen toxins

  • slow down the aging process

An ideal treatment for anyone who wants relaxation or maintenance.
Please note that no sheets can be used for covering you, but disposable underpants are provided. Face Lift Ayurvedic massage – 30min only £15 (can be added to other treatments)  



Ayurvedic Massage

Marta De Ferrari

For 1 hour: £50/£35 with a Karma Card

For 1.5 hours: £65/£50 with a Karma Card

Contact: 07909513800, martadeferrari@gmail.com, www.floatingfeather.co.uk

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