Breathing into Wholeness

Breathing into Wholeness

Written by Rowan Sterk

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Over the years people have repeatedly asked me what happens during a breathing session. Why and how does it work? And what are the benefits of doing this work?

By writing this little article I’m hoping to provide a deeper understanding to what the potential is of your breath. It’s my intention to inspire you to take a step and come and forge a deeper relationship with your breath in one of my workshops!

After working as a breath coach for nearly 8 years I’m still completely in awe of the power and grace of the simple process called ‘conscious connected breathing’! Again and again I’ve seen people reaping the benefits of this breathwork, which can range from feeling calmer and more peaceful, to generating more self-acceptance and greater physical wellbeing, to cultivating presence and awareness, and ultimately freeing oneself from limiting, self-defeating, negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

Personally, I find that the most intriguing aspect of the breath has to be that it can show us in a clear uncomplicated way – who we truly are! You see, at the most fundamental level; we are the breath! And by surrendering to the breath we can finally be comfortable in our human skin. We could say; The way we breathe is the way we live! Contrary, if we chronically control our natural breath, in order to avoid feeling pain, we control our potential for wellbeing, connection, joy and love to flow through us. It’s really very simple, although not necessarily an easy process!

Breath & Sound: How and Why does it work?

During a Breath & Sound workshop I’ll coach you to breathe in a conscious connected way, at your ‘edge’, without pause. You’ll be given lots of space to find your own natural rhythm that feels truly alive for you. As you progress over the course of the session you’ll begin to breath slightly deeper and smoother, while gradually ‘knitting’ the in and out breath together into an alive and sustainable ‘circle’. You’ll be invited to continually becoming more aware of the subtleties within your body, mind and nervous system.

As you energize your body with the breath, the limiting and unconscious breathing and holding patterns that no longer serve will inevitably come to the surface, in order to be seen, expressed, embraced, released and integrated. It feels as if your body gets activated with life force you didn’t know you had access to. This can generate and uncover all kinds of sensations, such as tingling, shaking, heat and cold, pain, and emotions such as sadness, anger and fear. All sorts of thoughts and feelings will pass through. The trick is to not resist but alternatively cultivate a *YES* towards the energies present and trust your body’s ancient wisdom in this! We are wired for wholeness! It’s also important to note that pushing doesn’t help and is counter-productive, yet relaxing deeply will allow the body to trust the process and go along with your direction into gradual transformation.

If and when you are at the height of your energetic experience there will be a chance to express the energy through the sound of your voice. It’s by ‘toning’ that you can create space in your body, as the healing resonance of your voice allows for all the billions of cells and atoms to unify and recalibrate under the highest loving intention, supported by the Universe.

The breath shines a light on any hidden and contracted aspects held inside, both positive and negative. By allowing your body to express feelings and emotions you generate space, which in turn allows you to reclaim lost parts and integrate your shadow self (that which is unnoticed and / or suppressed by you).

A good breath session will help you to relax into your true nature; all the good qualities that we long for deep within.

A little bit about the schedule

On the day we’ll allow plenty of time and space for each to create a strong loving intention which will help you to stay positive, motivated and focused throughout the breath session.

We’ll slowly and gradually (over the course of one and many sessions) build towards a greater expansion of your breath. At some point during the session you’ll likely reach a ‘plateau of activation’, which can be called the conscious connected breathing section, lasting about 45 minutes to one hour.

As we approach the end of the breathing, we’ll start making our descent, with the support of a sound bath. I’ll play the gong over each individual, which will be tailor-made in the moment and will help with the integration. It will also facilitate a space for you to let go deeper, journey, sleep and / or dream. Hopefully feeling refreshed on the other side.

The workshop will finish with a closing circle. There’ll be space for you to share something about your journey, if that’s desired. I’m committed to making sure everyone feels open, relaxed and grounded at the end, ready for the outside world!

As a facilitator, my ultimate intention is to allow and nurture a remembrance of your connection to your inner source, and to help you change the way you feel about yourself. All you need is to breathe gently but steadily and to trust the process, to embrace yourself as you are. The ultimate goal is ‘to be breathed’, which takes practice, experience and letting go.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at About Balance for some re-membering through the grace of breath and the power of sound!

Warm regards,


Breathing into Wholeness

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