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Gentle Morning Yoga / Vajrasati yoga at About Balance Brighton

Early Morning Yoga Club at About Balance Brighton

What would happen if you started your day with yoga?

Before work, before emails, before Facebook, even before coffee?
What would your day look like?
What would your week look like?
Why don’t you find out?!

We will breathe, stretch, balance and focus for 60 minutes and then start our day, the right way!

This yoga class is built for all the office workers, shopkeepers and hospitality workers in Brighton. Yoga can help you with your lower back pain, shoulder and neck pain and general discomfort caused by sitting in a chair, waiting on busy tables or stacking shelves all day. Early Morning Yoga will also help you achieve better focus and mindfulness throughout your day.

We are very happy to invite you to try our early morning yoga in Brighton, Monday – Friday 7:30 – 8:30. Why not save money and book for the whole week?

We look forward to seeing you bright and early!

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Effie Love at About Balance Brighton

Effie Love (Lic.Ac., BSc (hons) Ac, MBAcC)

Mondays,Tuesdays & Thursday 7:30-8:30am

Drop-in £8 or £5 with a karma card (full week £20/£15)

Contact: 07948 849419 or effie@aboutbalancebrighton.com

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Pablo Wilson

Wednesdays & Fridays 7:30-8:30am 

Drop-in £8 or £5 with a karma card (full week £20/£15)

Contact: ampism74@gmail.com

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