Hannah Jewel

Hannah Jewel


What Hannah’s clients say: 

‘‘I love my son spending time in Hannah’s healing, peaceful, attentive hands. From the moment she holds him he enters a different state. She meditates and works with his energy body as well as changing positions and working with his physical body too. He seems to get exactly what he needs from her. From the moment she holds him he surrenders his whole body, closes his eyes and enters a deep state of rest. When we return home, even hours later his eyes are brighter, he is alert, content and vibrant looking as if he’d just rested for a whole day! Thank you Hannah for the deep energetic work and love transmitted.’ (Maria)


About Hannah:

Hannah Jewel is a Registered Polarity Practitioner and Educator, Certified Neutral Space Relaxation Training Provider, Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher. She holds a PhD in Ritual and Somatic Studies. Hannah’s emphasis is on treating the whole person through a combination of energy healing, movement/yogic exercises, nutrition and counselling. Energy healing comprises the main therapy with additional layers supporting according to the needs and desires of each individual.

In a typical session 40 minutes will be on the massage table with hands on energy healing and 20 minutes will be talking therapy with additional resources given. This can vary according to the person and the need. Longer sessions allow for more time either on the table receiving the hands on work, or in conversation as is most appropriate.

Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy or energy medicine, is an alternative form of touch therapy that uses a combination of eastern and western techniques. These techniques revolve around the flow and balance of energy within the human body and mind.

The underlying premise is in applying a deep understanding of electromagnetic fields and their effects on the mind and body. With this understanding, therapists apply both hands-on and touchless techniques to clients.

A Polarity Practitioner will always address the whole person – mentally, emotionally and physically – and gently assists your body to heal itself naturally.

Pregnancy and Post-Natal Energy Healing, Support for Newborns

Polarity Therapy is a safe and effective light touch treatment for pregnancy and post-natal care as well as for newborn support. Through application of various maps of the energy body, the practitioner will often connect the pelvis to points around the ankles and knees, shoulders and neck. This allows release of held tension in the pelvic floor, preparing the body for birth and helping again to restore it after delivery.

Where there have been interventions in the birth process, Polarity Therapy will help to restore the natural energetic flow and balance of the pelvis/womb. Polarity Therapy for new-borns is a gentle contact while the infant is cradled in the arms of the practitioner or lying on the table as per the comfort of the child.

It is safe and non invasive, supporting release of birth trauma while bringing in gentle ease and stillness.