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Katie Nicholson – Kalisatra

Pleasure Coaching

1 hour –  £77 / £52 with a Karma Card.

Website: www.kalisatra.com
Email address: katie@kalisatra.com
Phone number: 07425540923
Instagram: @katie_kalisatra

About Pleasure Coaching

Katie will guide you to experience more pleasure in all aspects of your life! She specialises is supporting women struggling with sexual trauma and guiding them to fully embodying their sexuality. Katie takes a holistic approach so that on your healing journey, you will overcome multiple challenges including addictions, anxiety, and feeling down. According to your individual needs, Katie will share her expertise in areas such as tantra yoga, psychology, and shamanism to help you find joy in every moment and Turn On Your Life!
Does this feel like a journey you need to embark on? Please contact Katie to see if you’re a good fit for her program.
Katie works with all beings but specialises in assisting those with female genitalia.   

About Katie

Katie is a Pleasure Coach, Tantra Yoga Teacher, Podcast Host, and the founder of Kalisatra. Katie’s journey with tantra began in Rishikesh, India, where she did her yoga teacher training. Over the past few years, her passion for living a pleasurable life has grown as she has witnessed herself and those she has worked with overcome many mental, physical, and spiritual ailments. She is always looking to learn more and deepen her practice so she can teach from a place of true gnosis. For this reason, she also qualified as a Hypnotherapist and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She brings elements of everything she has learnt into all of her offerings which is what makes her pleasure coaching so unique.

Katie’s qualifications:

  • Hatha and Ashtanga Tristana Yoga Teacher Training 
  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach 
  • Hypnotherapist 
  • Fertility Counsellor


“I find it hard to express how much impact Katie Nicholson has had on this current chapter of my life.

She helped me understand my emotions and accept who I am wholeheartedly. She blew my mind with her knowledge of the menstrual cycle and healing our deep wounds. She gave me permission to allow myself to love who I truly am and let that beautiful woman shine!!

She was a big part of my healing from chronic RED-s to now being half-way through my pregnancy with my first baby boy and I could not be more happy.” – Shannon Malseed


“I can’t really put into words how amazing Katie is as a person and how much she has helped me but I can try!!! My top goals when starting the program were healing traumas, healing pmdd, loving myself. Katie was able to help me work toward these goals by offering support both through the course and zoom coaching sessions. I never felt judged and I always felt like I was talking with a friend. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been being able to control my random bouts of rage due to my pmdd better and a major reduction in cramps. I would describe Katie as supportive, loving, and kind. So down to earth and honest in the most refreshing way.” – Jade Carlucci 


“I just wanted to share my experience with Katie so far – she has so much knowledge to share. If you are considering taking on board her course or even having a one-on-one session with her, I 100% recommend it! Very empowering!! My goals were creating a diet/working on healing my period pain (PCOS & potential Endo & IBS), having an overall healthy, balanced diet & lifestyle, feeling better within myself mentally & physically. 

Katie was able to help me work toward these goals by using her WONDERFUL knowledge to provide guidance on certain food, drinks & herbal teas to consume. Katie was able to pass on her knowledge to me & has given an exceptional amount of information on how to help heal my period pain & IBS. Not only has she given me information on nutrition, she also provided me with knowledge on exercise, yoga, relationships, etc.…

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since my session has been the change in my mood for the better & feeling more happier within myself. Definitely more energy & motivation too!

I would describe Katie as open minded & honest. Katie is so caring & I can see that she has a lot of knowledge behind her! Katie also made me feel comfortable in my session, no judgement whatsoever. I would recommend Katie to anyone!” – Hannah Skinner 


“I worked with Katie for some time earlier this year, in regards to gut health, yoni health and working through trauma. Katie was a wonderful coach/support as she looked at everything my mind and body were going through from a very holistic point of view and helped support me from every angle; which I had never done before. When I started with Katie, she ensured she had a thorough idea of my story and my body to best understand what had led to different issues and what did or didn’t help me in the past. Katie gave me practical advice to implement daily and an immense amount of support during our sessions. I highly recommend Katie to anyone needing nurturing support as well as fantastic plans and evidence based advice surrounding women’s health.” – Taylah Gifford


“Katie is a brilliant sweet soul, with a sharp mind, and a gentleness that is immediately felt. I felt comfortable opening up to her about my illness and struggles. She was kind and patient with me. She was open and honest about what she felt she could help me with, and what she could not. I appreciated this greatly in her, for it shows incredible wisdom and maturity.

I ended up getting so much out of my time with her! Her advice changed my life more than I anticipated. I already had been immersed in healing modalities, spiritual teachers, doctors, and other healers from being gravely ill with Lyme disease for two years. But somehow she was able to shine her light through all the ideas I was already full with, and guide me to a place of peace and clarity. Her advice on how to approach breath work was so simple yet it so profoundly enhanced my healing process. When I asked her a question on my fertility, about getting a test to see if I was still fertile, I was hoping to hear what I wanted to hear. Instead she told me the truth, and that’s exactly what I needed!

I already could see how brilliant she was from her videos on women’s health, but meeting her was how I KNEW she was. She is also incredibly cool and fun. What a rewarding experience!” – Marguerite Marie


“I just wanted to share my testimony from my time receiving coaching with Katie last year. I was re-reading it as I am getting excited to work with her again this year and go even further in my health and wellness journey.

I received 12 sessions+1 complimentary session from Katie at Kalisatra and it was a massively transformative experience. I would like to share a little bit about my coaching journey with Katie and what it has done for me now that I have completed services.

I would like to preface this testimony with the advice that if you are not willing to commit to making changes, then coaching isn’t going to help you. I didn’t realize how on board I would be until I had my complimentary session with Katie. Right away she laid out a very reasonable method of addressing my menstrual issues from PMDD and irregularities. A lot of the tactics she taught me were not about adhering to a strict plan rather than it was about making simple lifestyle changes that make the biggest difference in my symptoms.

She has extensive knowledge in nutrition and how it affects menstruality and helped me root out some core issues in my diet. I never felt like she was pushing any sort of fad on me, but instead helped me to curate a personalized plan of action in my daily eating habits. Over the course of roughly 3 months I was able to drastically reduce not only pmdd symptoms but chronic migraines that have been so bad in the past that they have hospitalized me. I have medication for migraines that I take as needed, and I haven’t needed it in at least 3 months. I have had issues with eating disorders most my life and never did I feel like I was going on a diet or anything restrictive. Katie taught me to make changes organically as I felt possible. One of my biggest compliments is that through everything we worked on together, it never generated any sort of stress for me as far as worrying what I needed to be doing better. Her methods for making change are incredibly practical and I am so grateful for it because I have gone down many rabbit holes in the past that didn’t work for me, usually diet based. Not only did she help me make healthier choices but she shared some recipes with me that I have used repeatedly since working with her. Ask about her cacao recipes, trust me, they are simple and perfect.

My work with Katie was not just in the area of nutrition. Another thing I loved was her way of approaching problems from all aspects including physical and spiritual (should you express interest in that route, I promise nothing is forced I just kept going back to this topic as it was important for me.) On the topic of physical and mental I have benefitted greatly from mindfulness therapy in the past and Katie naturally had many activities that aligned with the practice of mindfulness so perfectly. I have several meditations and breathing exercises that I do daily that she has taught me and it has drastically reduced my anxiety and dependency issues. I love her authenticity in sharing these exercises that sometimes require vulnerable positions. Throughout our sessions she has taught me many exercises and I use some of the same ones daily. As I said nothing is pushed on you and I love that. She is an amazing soul whose only intention in our journey was clearly to help as best as possible, and she has helped me more than I ever expected.

I will spare details on spiritual aspects but I feel it is vital that I mention that Katie helped me process trauma that I have been in therapy for over a decade for. I wasn’t making any progress in conventional psychotherapy but after one yoga nidra exercise with Katie I really have made more progress than ever. It was one of the most transformative and healing experiences of my life and that is saying something because I have experienced A LOT.

I feel like no matter what I write I cannot put into words how deeply grateful I am for making the decision to work with Katie and invest in some true healing for myself. I started this testimonial before we were finished with our sessions but then decided to wait and redo it after I had some time after to see how much stuck and how much of a difference was maintained. Obviously it is natural to fall out of new habits easily but I have kept reviewing our goal set and session notes and have easily jumped right back into this new lifestyle I have curated with her help. I am still maintaining a much less tortuous cycle and am honestly in awe how she has taken me from being roughly 50-60% out of commission during periods to what I would say is about 5% down. My periods do not affect my life nearly as much as they used to and the effects I feel now she has helped me to address in a way that keeps them from derailing my life.

The knowledge and work Katie has put into my situation has been so well curated by her through our sessions. I really felt heard by Katie and honestly consider her a friend now. I am so very happy I invested in this. If anyone is considering it and feels a deep motivation to change for the better I 150% recommend getting coaching from Katie. I WILL be back for her yoga lessons as well. A simple yoga for cramps video of hers has already alleviated my cramps from something utterly debilitating to a scant inconvenience. I love how if I do feel any discomfort it is so slight that I can hardly complain. I have even experienced totally cramp free periods thanks to my work with her. I used to lay on the floor shaking, panting, and crying from how bad my period cramps were. Now I can feel so comfortable during menstruation that I can go out or workout and not feel impeded by any pain.

I feel like I owe Katie so much, because she was so receptive and intuitive her help was the most effective. As I said before, this experience won’t work for someone who isn’t going to put forth the effort, but I promise that nothing we spoke of was so taxing that I gave up on the journey. It is all attainable. It feels so good to have someone treat your symptoms individually and not just say what doctors have always told me “you just have bad periods.” Like that is a life sentence. It is not. Katie has helped me reclaim power over my life and it has spilled over into so many aspects of my life from love to career. Talk to Katie about coaching asap, take my word for it. You won’t regret it.” – Emily Graham