Life Coaching in About Balance Brighton

Life Coaching at About Balance Brighton

Life Coaching

A goal oriented approach to juggle life’s many tasks with enthusiasm and care.

In my coaching sessions I offer a space to explore and embrace where you’re currently, at while setting the route to mobilise positive change. Common themes are achieving a better work life balance, getting a project on the go or moving it forward, making time for yourself as well as for those who are important to you, and generally move towards more accuracy and quality in everyday life. If you’re interested in booking a session please send an enquiry stating why you’d like coaching and what your availability is.

Tamar Daly

Life Coaching sessions – £60 for 60 min or £40 with Karma card

3 Sessions for £150 or £105 with Karma Card


Feel free to give me a call for a quick chat before booking, 07933 264193, or ask for details at reception.