Mindful Tarot Reading

Mindful Tarot Readings at About Balance Brighton

Mindful Tarot Readings

Anna’s readings are mindfulness-based and are meant to serve as tools for inner exploration and for gentle guidance. They are not to sway you in what, how and when to do, nor are they to tell you what is about to happen to you. Instead, the cards will help you by mirroring what is already unfolding, shining light on less explored parts of yourself, and help you realise some forks in the road.

Anna likes to read in a somewhat collaborative way with clients. She asks you questions about how you feel during the reading, and what you yourself see in the cards. She still ends up talking for the majority of the session, but her aim is to create a dialogue rather than a monologue. This can aid you in further realising your creative ability, give you the confidence to choose your next course of action, and a more mindful way of looking at things beyond your control.

Anna´s background

Anna has been reading for the public since 2018. Her style of reading is mainly based on traditional French and Italian Tarot reading techniques and on the teachings of Enrique Enriquez and Alejandro Jodorowsky. Her spiritual practice is grounded in meditation and in the metaphysics of respected teachers. She also draws upon her ongoing studies in the field of energy medicine. She has received many Tarot readings over the years from practitioners with different spiritual beliefs, and learnt something new from each experience, both as an individual and as a reader.

On boundaries

Before booking a Tarot reading with Anna, please consider the following:

  • The future may not be set in stone

  • There may be many different versions of the future, depending on our choices and attitudes

  • Misfortune may only be overcome by the person suffering

When booking a reading with Anna, she kindly asks you not expect her to answer the following questions:

  • Questions related to those deceased and/or past lives

  • Questions related to specific dates and/or specific amounts of money

  • Questions focusing solely on other people

Anna is keen to help you answer any other types of questions, related to all areas of life, such as your physical environment, work, passions, relationships, healing and spiritual development.

Therapists Available

Anna Bihari

£40 for 45 min or £32 with Karma card

Contact: 07821864695

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