Paul Weeden, mBacp M.A

Paul Weeden


About Me

I have been running a clinical therapeutic practice since 2010 and have worked for the NHS, counselling charities in East Sussex, private
practice in the city of London, and as a schools counsellor and coach.
  I have had a life long passion for physical activity including martial arts, swimming, cycling, and running as well as performing and producing music and experimental soundscapes.



Integrative Humanistic Counselling

Integrating person-centred counselling, object-relationstherapy, CBT and Transactional-analysis.

Humanistic philosophy gives us the core conditions of:

  • unconditional positive regard, empathy and congruence to support a none-judgemental therapeutic relationship. 
  • Object- relations teaches us about our relationship to ourselves through our past relationships with other people and objects we formed attachment to as children. 
  • Cognitive behaviour therapy helps us to examine our emotional responses and bring in new rational awareness through Socratic questions and examining evidence to support a new perspective.
  • Transactional-analysis offers us an empowering psychological toolbox to examine our circumstances, including: the drama triangle- this helpsus to identify how we perceive ourselves and others in our life story; parent,adult, child- helps us to examine the style communication and language to use. 
  • Life positions helps us to examine how we judge ourselvesand others we interact with. As there is no perfect theory, it is often more helpful to blend appropriate modalities into the course of treatment rather than fit the client into a single modality.
Embodied Purpose Coaching

The body keeps a score- exploring how you experience your
present life through your genuine bodily responses to your circumstances. This
includes how you breathe, stand and move through your life. The body leads and
the mind follows.

When we learn how we automatically show up we can them learn
to rewrite our somatic responses into a more empowered body and mind by
adapting how we breathe, sit, stand and move.

We will use the four elements model – earth, water, fire and
air – to examine your entrained behaviours and style of being that you
typically use day to day. Then I will invite you to try out different ways of
being that embody less familiar elements that safely take you out of your
comfort zone to entrain new more empowering and helpful behaviours.


One hour assessment meeting- £20 essential before we start a course of treatment 

One hour integrative counselling meeting- £80/£65 with Karma card 

One hour embodied purpose coaching- £80/£65 with Karma card

  • Advanced diploma integrative humanistic counselling
  • Relationship based supervision diploma
  • Embodied facilitator diploma
  • Music and sonic media M.A.