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Somatoemotional Release Treatment (SER) - in Brighton

Somatoemotional Release treatment (SER) brings psychotherapeutic elements (specifically Gestalt therapy, Psychosynthesis) into Craniosacral Therapy. Unlike most of the healthcare approaches where they separate the body and mind – either having a physical therapy or psychotherapy, this powerful combination of talking therapy and bodywork allows the client to work with the body and psyche at the same time.

There is more and more scientific evidence of how our body tissues store unprocessed emotions, energy cysts and an imprint of physical and emotional traumatic experiences. These trapped energies can significantly influence our nervous system, the way we behave, interact and perceive reality. They can also be a core problem of many physical illnesses and mental health issues. E.g. chronic fatigue, chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, unexplained pains, fibromyalgia, poor immunity, lack of self-confidence, hypervigilant nervous system, anger issues, anxiety, insomnia, depression, PTSD and many others.

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This treatment is conveyed in a safe and supported environment. The therapist will use Craniosacral techniques to find the areas of the body where to position their hands and will lead the client with a gentle dialogue and imagery technique into their process while feeling the bodily tissues under their hands. Any physical changes in the tissues is usually accompanied by release of emotions, deep breaths, releasing sounds or some understanding of current life situations. The depth of the process is led by the client and their inner wisdom – the sense of their ability of depth and intensity of the healing journey in each session.

This therapy works on levels or our being – the physical, energetical, mental-emotional and spiritual. As SER can help to release a physical or emotional trauma from the body it can therefore help with healing any internal and spiritual conflict, resolve relationship or family dynamics, bring more clarity into any life situation dilemma, make peace with our past, facilitates personal growth, bring us towards better overall health and fulfilment, discover our full potential and connect to our deeper truth.

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