Stephanie Downey

Stephanie Downey


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My interest in health started when I left school and trained as a Registered General Nurse in Cambridge going on to specialise in Accident and Emergency work in London.

After a post graduate degree in Medical Anthropology I became interested in holistic medicine and Chinese philosophy and studied Chinese medicine at the International College of Oriental Medicine, qualifying as an acupuncturist in 1985. Since then I have been practising acupuncture here in Brighton for over 30 years, firstly establishing the Brighton Acupuncture Clinic and then working at the Dolphin House Children’s charity providing low cost complementary therapies to children and their families.


My work has developed over the years as I’ve gained more experience and undertaken many post graduate courses to further my understanding of health and well being. My journey has led me to study and specialise in areas such as Paediatric acupuncture, Fertility, Pregnancy and women’s health. I’m a long standing member of ACT (the Acupuncture for Childbirth Team in Brighton) and work regularly with local midwives to promote acupuncture for all areas of fertility and pregnancy.

Another busy part of my practice is treating all kinds of musculoskeletal disorders and sports injuries. I’ve benefited from studying with world renowned teachers to improve my knowledge and skills in this area.

More training and experience has also enabled me to offer acupuncture to support patients undergoing chemotherapy and other cancer treatments.

I’ve always been interested in diet and lifestyle changes to enhance our health and have gained extensive experience in nutritional therapy and psycho/emotional support for my patients. Listening to my patients and understanding the whole context of their lives enables me to offer a wide range of information and advice to enhance the acupuncture treatment.

About acupuncture:

The most enjoyable part of my practice is the wide range of conditions acupuncture can successfully treat, both physical and emotional. I find acupuncture can be effective for acute and chronic problems.

So much of our health is affected by stress, anxiety and emotional distress so I find this an area I increasingly focus on as the basis for my therapy. It’s very encouraging to witness the benefit of acupuncture supportIng those suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, depression, insomnia and ‘burnout’.

Some other common conditions I see include fatigue, pain, headaches, migraines, arthritis, muscle strain and injuries. Digestive disorders such as IBS and  heartburn, women’s hormone imbalances, endometriosis, PMS and menopausal symptoms are also frequently encountered in the clinic.

Working as a member of ACT (Acupuncture for Childbirth Team) is an important part of my practice- supporting couples trying to conceive, naturally or through IVF and treating women throughout pregnancy.

While acupuncture is not a cure all, it has the ability to bring about profound changes. Many people experience a greater sense of calm and relaxation after treatment- and a noticeable improvement in mood, sleep and energy.

Helping my patients gain a newfound sense of equilibrium and well being is the goal of all my acupuncture treatments.

Contact details:

Stephanie Downey MSc  BAc MBAcC
Member of the British Acupuncture Council
07884 260620