Yoga & Meditation at About Balance Brighton

These classes are designed to prepare the body and mind for deeper meditative states or a state of yoga. We will use meditation techniques in postures to gain presence in every fibre of the body to enable each muscle to let go of tension, heal old wounds and revitalise.  We will do this through carefully considered techniques which support the more vulnerable areas of the anatomy as well as dissolve tension in the muscles to increase flexibility. We will work our way from the outer layers of the physical body towards a grounded more refined awareness and calmness within subtle layers of our being.  All levels are welcome to this class.  This class is about reconnecting to our natural centre and sharpening our awareness in order to dissolve any emotional, mental, and physical hindrances as well as refining posture and physical tone.


Ann Mathie at About Balance BrightonAnn Mathie

Thursdays 11.15- 12.15

£8 or £4.00 with a karma card

Contact: annpman@yahoo.co.uk
07982809225, annmathie.com

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