Carly Steadman- Reiki

*I can provide either in-person or distance healing sessions*

Reiki: £50 for 1 hour or £35 with Karma card/ £65 for 90 minutes or £50 with Karma card
Psychotherapy and Reiki combined: £70 for 90 minutes or £55 with Karma card

Reiki is an energy healing therapy that works on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and
spiritual. It is an extremely gentle yet effective healing technique and can help with many issues
such as stress, depression, anxiety, sleep difficulties and pain. It promotes general well-being and
peace of mind, gently balancing and harmonising you in a holistic and individual way. Reiki brings
comfort, restores equilibrium and aids recovery.

I work intuitively with my clients, sensing the areas of the body, mind and spirit that are in need of healing. During our time together, I channel universal life force energy that supports your energetic system to release that which no longer serves you, removing blockages that stand in the way of you realising your full potential. I offer one hour and 90 minute sessions, either in-person or by distance healing.

Another option is to have a one and a half hour session, consisting of both psychotherapy and Reiki combined. This combination is a powerful approach that heightens our potential for growth and
change. Reiki helps you to feel more relaxed and at ease and to become more aware of your
emotions, unblocking those of which have become stuck. It supports you to move towards self-
acceptance and self-compassion, two important elements in transforming unresolved difficulties.
During the one and a half hour session, we will spend the first half in talking therapy and
follow on with Reiki healing to aid in the release of painful thoughts and emotions.
I also offer psychotherapy without Reiki. Please click on the psychotherapy link above for more



‘I have had the pleasure of many reiki treatments from Carly, and they are by far the best energy work I have ever experienced. She is a very gifted, connected and insightful healer. Carly has helped me become aware of, and work through, energetic blockages and has also helped considerably with physical ailments.

For example, she was able to fix a physical issue that I was becoming very concerned about. It had been causing me so much pain that I had been considering going to the doctors, but didn’t need to after just one session. What she does really is magic and I cannot recommend her enough.’


‘I had my first Reiki and Energy Healing today with Carly and it was amazing.
I can’t describe the feeling and how accurate she was about my reading, I felt as if I was a complete open book . I will definitely continue with this healing process. She is an amazing person.
I definitely recommend her.’


‘The best £50 I’ve spent this year 🙂 I’m writing this review the morning after my reiki session with Carly because I’ve woken up with such a unique sense of positivity, energy and vitality that I genuinely feel everyone should experience this. If you’re in two minds… don’t be! You won’t regret it.’