Helen Taylor


Helen Taylor, MChiro

Chiropractic Care

Contact: 07718208743, helentaylordc@gmail.com

Helen Taylor has a Masters degree of Chiropractic, has completed post-graduate courses on chiropractic care for pregnant and paediatric patients, and is registered with the General Chiropractic Council

Helen has been a Chiropractor in Brighton & Hove for 10 years.  It is her belief that every ‘body’ has the capacity to function at its best. Helen’s aim is to help her patients achieve just that.  She does that by removing imbalance or dysfunction and allowing the body to heal itself. 

With a specialist interest in pregnancy and paediatric care, Helen is certified in The Webster Technique. She is also experienced in treating people with a variety of conditions. She treats them by utilises spinal and peripheral joint manipulation and mobilisation, cranial therapy and soft-tissue work and Sacro-Occipital Technique. 

Helen maintains high standards of chiropractic care by ensuring she is up to date with evidence-based practice. To do so, she is attending continuing professional development courses throughout the year. It is sometimes in the patient’s best interests to have collaborative care with another practitioner for disjunctive therapies, exercise such as Pilates or Yoga, or appropriate medical referral as necessary. 

Whether patients are interested in chiropractic simply as a pain solution, it can also be invaluable for wellness and maintenance care for those whose health goal is to be proactive rather than reactive. 

Testimonials for Helen Taylor Chiropractic care

  • “My first session with Helen was intelligent, sensitive and thorough. Her knowledge is clearly very high level, and she put it into practice with clarity. Helen explained things so I could understand as we went through. It made a tangible difference and I look forward to the effects of the next session.” – Hannah-Rose

  • “I met Helen following a presentation she held in my workplace in June 2015 and a quick consultation revealed a misalignment in my pelvis. I had an ongoing left ITB issue which had prevented my running in the Brighton Marathon earlier in the year and as I was in training for an Ironman Triathlon event a couple of months later, I was concerned regarding my fitness. After a couple of sessions with Helen I began to feel much stronger and efficient whilst training and within a few weeks my ITB pain had disappeared and the speed associated with a good run technique had returned. I completed Ironman Wales in Sep 2015 in a competitive time and injury free. I’m confident that without Helen’s help in the build-up the journey would have ended differently. I plan to continue to visit Helen for regular ongoing health checks and would thoroughly recommend her abilities. I found her treatment, support and advice absolutely superb and the results speak for themselves.” – Steve K