Human Design Readings with Jordan

Human Design Readings

Combining the ancient traditions of astrology, the I’Ching and the Chakra system, Human Design is a tool for self discovery based on an in depth reading of your birth chart. It is an enlightening exploration into your uniqueness, a journey of deconditioning and a discovery of your true potential in all aspects of life.

Jordan offers Human Design readings that will introduce you to this fascinating system and talk you through all the major aspects of your design. More importantly, he will offer his insights and practical guidance on how best to put what is discovered through this system into practice in your life…You will learn how to live your design and not just know it.

A Human Design reading will give you greater awareness of your areas of conditioning,  relationships and family life (among many other things) and gives you the permission to live your life as the person you are truly designed to be, rather than the person you think you should be.

Jordan has been experimenting with this system for the last 5 years and has trained with one of the leading Human Design guides and experts Emma Dunwoody. Human Design is an intricate system and can seem daunting at first glance, but Jordan’s readings aim to present the information in an accessible and practical way that can lead to real and lasting insights into how to live your life with more ease.

“I offer human design readings where I can help you discover and live your unique design. In all my readings I offer practical advice so you can put all of this new knowledge into practice and start living a more aligned and resistance free life.”

Readings include a detailed document outlining all the key aspects of your design and a 60-75min video call to explain more. There is the opportunity for follow up sessions to delve deeper into your design, or to address specific questions or issues in your life through the lens of Human Design.


I gained such a powerful insight into HOW I work as a human, I feel totally empowered and aligned!! I also received a 17page PDF detailing the meaning of my design. A fusion of astrology, energy systems and the I’Ching, this is a powerful tool to better understand ourselves and our purpose. Jordan delivers the info in such a clear way, making something so rich and complex accessible and relatable. Thank you! – Phoebe

Thank you so much Jordan!! It’s only been two days since the video call, but I have noticed so many things already. It feels just so much easier to operate as a human being…it seems like I understand so much more about how I function now. There have been so many AHA! and WOW! Moments, it’s just mind blowing. I can wait to book soon to get to know more – Sonia


Jordan Paul

Readings are £75 / £60 with Karma Card

You can contact Jordan to book directly on:

07410 919950

Instagram: @jordanfpaul