Jeannette Rodriguez

Jeannette Rodriguez


Wednesdays 5-5.45pm


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About Jeanette


Jeannette is a Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Meditation Instructor, Women’s Empowerment and Intuitive Coach, and Trauma Mentor,  passionate about physical, mental, and spiritual health. She provides various tools for healing and seeing your true potential through the lens of trauma-informed education, yogic philosophy, neuroscience, and esoteric concepts. She is first and foremost a lifelong student, always curious to learn from her experiences and deepening her knowledge about the topics she loves most. She has been practicing yoga for 13 years and attributes most of her trauma healing, self-awareness and spiritual wellbeing to the practice of yoga philosophy. She feels that this profound healing and transformation is available to those who are ready, and tries to pass this wisdom and experience to her students and clients.

She received her Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India in 2019 and has been teaching around the world in India, Australia, New Zealand and North & South America. She has spent this time developing her knowledge of Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga, mediation, pranayama (breathwork) & other forms of deep breathwork like conscious connected breath, studying Buddhism, and sacred plant medicines. As Jeannette’s practice has developed, she has become drawn to the concept of embodiment and sees her mission as teaching embodied self-awareness as a form of deeping healing.

Jeannette’s loving & compassionate nature paired with an ability to create and hold safe space for self expression allows her students to find great depth in a mind-body connection, and explore what it feels like to be liberated in your own body. 

Jeannette has seen great mental and physical shifts due to her breathwork practice and is so excited to share it with you. During a breathwork session we practice expanding, controlling, extending, and playing with the breath, our vital life force. When you become aware of your breath, you connect to your state of mind. You cannot manage the mind until first becoming aware and gaining control of the breath. The goal is to regulate the nervous system and bring your body out of a state of heightened awareness and stress. Together, we create magic. If you’re craving a deep shift, you’re in the right place.


  • 200HR YTT – Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training Comprising: Intensive Yoga Asana, Anatomy and Physiology, Sequencing of Yoga Postures, Kriya, Pranayama, Theory and Philosophy, Adjustment and Correction, Concentration and Meditation.
  • Bsc Geography and Certificate in Geographic Information Systems – University of Colorado Denver


“Jeannette walks a path with you, as a teacher, friend, and fellow adventurer in spirit and movement. My journey practicing with Jeannette is unfolding like flower petals tended by a mindful gardener.

Besides the presence that Jeannette brings to every practice with her intuition and beautifully guided meditations, she tailors each flow to my physical ability and teaches amazing modifications & skills that are propelling my healing and giving me power to be present in myself again.

I’m grateful for each practice, each challenge, each inhale and exhale shared.”  – Alia Davis, Data Specialist
“Jeannette’s facilitation allowed for such an intentional set and setting without fear and doubt of what might come up throughout the journey.

Feeling safe and held, I felt comfortable being vulnerable and kind to myself and trusted in the process thanks to the love and detail that Jeannette put into the session. It was such a wholesome evening and left my heart feeling full and hopeful that I can harness the energy to manifest my intentions.” – Ben Dickinson, Engineer