Phoebe Sullivan

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Weekly Breathwork Classes

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My vision to offer wellbeing and support to people has seen me train as an art psychotherapist, massage therapist, breathwork facilitator and psychedelic integration therapist. I have been personally practising yoga, pranayama and meditation for 10 years which while leading me deeper on my personal healing journey, has dramatically informed the way I work with clients. I seek to offer therapy that integrates all of my skills and training, that is grounded in compassion, with a focus on embodiment and considers archetypal, spiritual and transpersonal dimensions of the psyche.
Having had experience working in mental-health in the UK for a number of years, in the NHS, the charity sector, schools and more recently private practise, I see a need for a radical shift in the way society views and treats mental distress. I am fascinated by altered states of consciousness; how these are perceived and received by society, and how they can be harnessed for healing and expansion of consciousness. I have spoken in conferences in the academic psychedelic communities and written a thesis about how altered states can be harnessed for healing, of both the individual, and the pathology-driven and patriarchal paradigm of psychiatric treatment. I have worked with acutely emotionally distressed individuals and feel deeply compelled to share the gifts I have learnt with those who need it most.
I hope my fusion of psychotherapeutic knowledge, study of psychedelic medicines, passion for breathwork and posture and compassionate nature will display my sincere and heartfelt mission to guide individuals through their own healing journey, towards wholeness.


-MA Art Psychotherapy, University of Roehampton, 2021
-Navigating Psychedelics for Clinicians and Therapists, Psychedelics Today, 2020
-Altered States: The Breath, The Yoga Alliance, 2019
-1st class Honours, BA History of Art, The University of Leeds, 2015
-Level 3 ITEC, Massage and Complementary Therapies, White Rose College, Leeds, 2015


– Trauma

– Difficult Psychedelic Experiences

– Anxiety

– Spiritual Emergency

– Personality Disorders 

– Schizophrenia/Psychosis 


– Mood disorders



One-to-One Breathwork with Phoebe

This profoundly healing session works on a physical, emotional, psychic and energetic level to release trauma and facilitate deep healing and expansion of consciousness. You will be tenderly held and supported to journey within yourself, guided by a conscious connected breath. Physiologically this breath can activate various altered states of consciousness where the opportunity to heal old wounds, awaken to your true purpose and move through restrictive life patterns. 

The session will begin with a chat to allow you to process and share your intentions for the journey. We will open the space with some embodiment and meditive practises before immersing in the breath journey which can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. 


Psychedelic Integration with Phoebe

With the global (re)awakening to the healing potential of psychedelic medicines, many individuals are embarking on psychedelic journeys. These journeys can be both exquisitely beautiful and utterly terrifying. Whatever the experience, integration is an essential part of the process to process the insights so that they may be fuel for growth and self-development. In understanding the innate compassion and intelligence of the medicines, anything that emerges during a trip does so to be healed. Thus, a “bad” trip, becomes a “challenging” experience that we can grow from, when we integrate it properly.
Due to current illegality of many substances making discussions around psychedelics somewhat taboo, many people are leaving trips without sufficient support to make sense of their journey. Simply turning a blind eye to the fact that people are engaging with these medicines creates problems; integration is an important part of harm reduction. 
I offer a safe space where individuals can openly reflect on their experiences. In sessions we will consider all aspects of Self and your life: mental, emotional, relational, professional, spiritual and how the journey has impacted each of these. Given the nature of psychedelic medicines and their ability to dramatically alter our perception and expand our consciousness, we will consider new frameworks and paradigms by which you can make sense of your journey. 
An initial consultation lasts 90 minutes. Depending on your needs, sessions are offered in blocks of 3 or 5, with the option of ongoing integration. I offer a free consultation phone call, usually lasting around 15 minutes. This is an opportunity for me to explain how I work and to get an understanding of your journey, to see how we may work together.