Reiki at About Balance Brighton

Reiki is a spiritual practice which works to bring balance, wellbeing and harmony to the body, mind and spirit.

For a treatment you will lie comfortably on a massage couch fully clothed, the therapist will then gently place their hands on or around different parts of the head and body. Amongst other things, you may find during a Reiki treatment that your mind becomes calm, your body becomes relaxed, your breathing and heart rate may improve.



Anna Bihari

£50 for 60 min or £35 with a Karma card

£65 for 90 minutes or £50 with Karma card

Contact:07821864695, annabholistic@gmail.com, www.annabholistic.com

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ReikiCarly Steadman

£50 for 60 min or £35 with a Karma card

Psychotherapy and Reiki combined: £65 for 90 minutes or £50 with Karma card

Contact: Tel: 07399 250750     carlysunrisehealing@gmail.com     www.sunrisehealing.co.uk

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ReikiJoanna Zwolak

Price: £50/£35 for 60 min with Karma card

£65 per 90 min or £50 with a karma card

Contact: 07450264535 , bubbletherapiesbrighton@gmail.com

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