Reiki Healing at About Balance Brighton

Reiki is a spiritual practice which works to bring balance, wellbeing and harmony to the body, mind and spirit.

For a treatment you will lie comfortably on a massage couch fully clothed, the therapist will then gently place their hands on or around different parts of the head and body.

Receiving Reiki can be an extremely relaxing experience, and clients often fall asleep during their session. Amongst other things, you may find that your mind becomes calm, your body becomes relaxed, your breathing and heart rate may improve. After a Reiki treatment, you might feel that your body is more balanced, your mind is clearer and your emotions calmer. Regular Reiki treatments can aid you in many different ways, and can be helpful for acute and chronic symptoms, whether they are physical or mental/emotional is nature.

£63 for 60 min or £48 with Karma card

£80 for 90 min or £65 with Karma card


Therapists Available

Carly Steadman – Master Reiki Practitioner & Teacher




Telephone: 07399250750

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Anna Bihari therapist

Anna Bihari, Reiki Master (not a teacher)


Telephone: 07821864695

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