Emma Thomas

Emma Thomas


Ayurvedic Massages and Treatments, Massage Therapy, Sound Therapy

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Emma is here on Wednesday mornings and Sundays. Please call reception on: 01273 686882 to book an appointment.
If you like to book online, please select the treatment and the date from the dropdown list below and click search.

About Emma


I’m inspired by my Indian grandmother who lived in a Sikh temple in Singapore and used to provide Ayurvedic massage treatments and deliver spiritual and lifestyle advice. I’m passionate about what I do because I truly understand and have seen the power of Ayurveda and sound therapy to transform and help individuals. My grandmother after all, lived to be over 101 years old and was healthy for all of it.

I am a professionally qualified Ayurvedic practitioner and sound therapist at Balance and Bloom Ayurveda in Brighton. I deliver a range of treatments and health consultations designed to restore, reset, heal, and rebalance the body for optimal health by working with the physical and subtle body in Ayurveda. I offer individually tailored massage and sound therapy treatments designed to balance the chakras by clearing energy channels in the body, moving and unblocking toxins and clearing stagnant, or blocked energy, allowing the body to innately heal by using pressure points, or marma points.

As a thorough ayurvedic clinician with great attention to detail, I also offer longer health consultations as an Ayurvedic health practitioner to assess a client’s unique constitution and work with the doshas, three biological forces in the body, to help clients understand how they can balance their body, mind and spirit through diet and lifestyle to create optimal health conditions for longevity. The body’s innate wisdom to heal, rejuvenate, and achieve homeostasis and harmony is encouraged and nurtured through my professionally tailored treatments and careful diligent practice of Ayurvedic wisdom practices.

The effects of Ayurvedic massage last long beyond the treatment itself, I am absolutely delighted to see the glow restored in clients after treatments when their body’s innate intelligence takes hold and they can have a respite from the stressors of the world that have taken them off the course of healing.

The focus of my training allows me to distinguish your unique needs thereby creating a tailored approach for you and nurturing your body’s innate wisdom towards optimal health- I look forward to meeting you and working together with you on your healing journey.

I am a Reiki Level Two clinician and have also trained with The California College of Ayurveda for five years, where I qualified in the principles of ayurvedic medicine as a health counsellor. I am currently training to become a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist. I am also a 200 hour YTT and have a Diploma In Sound Healing from The International Association Of Sound Therapy. I have also trained at The Chopra Centre and with Vasant Lad. In my spare time I enjoy meditating, breathwork, art, playing the harp and singing mantras.

I hold soundbaths at About Balance with a percentage of profits donated to the Free Tibet campaign. Please come and join me.

Thanks so much for supporting my small practice. It really means the world to me.

What Clients Say About Emma


“I had the most incredible Full Body Abyhanga massage from Emma and felt like I was floating on air afterwards! A truly beautiful experience. From my initial consultation to the treatment itself Emma was fantastic and thorough. I felt the tension in my upper back and shoulders released my whole body and mind felt incredibly relaxed afterwards. Emma’s passion for her work shines through and can’t wait to book another session.”
– Laura

“What a treatment! I can’t thank Emma enough for a beautiful experience! I felt so held in her presence… I had this treatment when I was going through a breakup and it allowed me to further aid my healing. She mixed sound therapy with her beautiful singing and took me to a special place. Thank you Emma I can’t wait to have another session one day.”

“Thank you for such a blissful and therapeutic massage. I really needed to unwind and release some tension. You certainly helped me to do that. I also appreciated your knowledge and understanding of how the body works. You are very gifted and can’t wait for my next one.”

“Emma is a very intuitive healer. She so fluidly combined her skills as a sound therapist, reiki healer and ayurvedic massage practitioner to offer a really unique and comprehensive treatment. I felt lighter and like I had released so much energetically and physically. I would love another treatment soon. Fabulous Emma, thank you”

“I highly recommend anyone thinking about having this treatment…I immediately relaxed and fell into a deep sleep..my skin was glowing, I felt ten years younger and truly relaxed.”

“Everyone should try this at least once in their lifetime. Can only highly recommend Emma. I will come again (and again)”

Emma’s Qualifications

Principles of Ayurvedic Medicine health counsellor
Reiki Level 2
Diploma of Ayurvedic Massage
200 hours Yoga Teacher Training
Diploma in Sound Therapy