Christian Tiplady

Christian Tiplady

Christian specialises in Chavutti Thirumal massage, Indian Head massage, Swedish massage and Deep Tissue massage. He tailors the massage to suit the client, adapting techniques and pressure as appropriate, as well as incorporating elements of other disciplines such as Thai massage and energic healing, when called for. A strong yet sensitive practitioner, he has been a massage therapist for over 15 years and also a teacher of yoga for nearly 20 years. 

Chavutti Thirumal is a unique massage technique which originates  amongst the Kalari martial artists in Kerala in India. In Malayam, the local language in Kerala, Chavutti Thirumal translates as ‘massage by foot pressure’. This massage uses the feet to massage the client, with firm, sweeping, sensual strokes. The aim is to open the physical  body, thereby improving circulation and releasing tension, and also clear the energetic body (the ‘nadis’ or energetic channels). This whole-body massage is strong and invigorating yet rejuvenating and deeply relaxing.  It takes place on a floor mattress and makes abundant use of oil. The client is unclothed except for a thong or cloth to preserve modesty.

Swedish Massage & Deep Tissue Massage are more traditional forms of massage using oil or wax, with the aim of creating deep relaxation and alleviating aches and pains. After a thorough consultation we co-create a bespoke treatment that best suits your body, using a wide range of highly effective and therapeutic techniques including ‘effleurage’, ‘petrissage’, ‘kneading’, ‘percussion’ movements and ‘passive stretches’. In these treatments I work mindfully and therapeutically to address whatever issues may be happening in your body in that moment.  

Indian Head Massage is a traditional Ayurvedic treatment incorporating massage of the head, neck, shoulders, upper arms and face. It is great at removing knots of tension and the pressure can be soft or deep depending on your preference and needs. I use a light oil, wax or no medium, to suit your preference. 



Diploma in holistic and deep tissue massage (ITEC 3)

Diploma in Indian Head massage

Diploma (levels 1-3) in Chavutti massage

Registered with the FHT.